Monday, January 25, 2010

My (very beginner) crafting so far...

Well its only been a few weeks but I've practiced a few little projects like how to sew a draw-string bag- I need to work on my technique though as I accidentally sewed the sides together so I couldn't thread the ribbon through! My quick-un-pick is going to be a good friend over the year I think! I also learnt how to applique from my friend Anna and sewed on some cute bunny rabbits to my baby's bodysuit- I used a cookie cutter for the stencil- need to embroider some eyes on next.
I did a few practice embroideries for my girls while on our holiday in Raglan. I have learnt how to do chain stitch, back stitch, split stitch, and of course running stitch. I tried stem stitch but just couldn't work it out so will have to have another go on that one! I really like doing Lazy Daisies too- they look so tricky but are really quite simple!
Yesterday I learnt to crochet! Well, I learnt how to make a slip knot and make a single crochet stitch chain. Took ages to get the hang of it but then I was away. I bought a book and a crochet needle from an Op Shop in Raglan. To do anything trickier I think I am going to have to find an expert in Tauranga as I find it really hard working out instructions!
I also made a cute art work from an idea I saw from RubyintheDust in World Sweet World Magazine using a large hole punch and some craft paper.


Bee said...

I adore the little lavender bag and the onesies are very cute!

The Clip Cafe said...

Pretty good beginning!! What is the name of the book with the crochet in it? (if you don't mind me asking - I REALLY want to learn) Thanks :-)

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