Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's thrifting finds thanks to my blog reads!

It's funny how once you start reading blogs and writing your own blog that you start seeing things everywhere that remind you of the people on your bloglist. I went into the Salvation Army store in Tauranga today and I saw all sorts of things that reminded me of the different blogs I read.
First I saw an old tape measure and thought of Sarah and her blog she makes gorgeous tape measure flowers that she sells on Felt 
Then I saw a little golden book and thought of Cat Taylor who makes journals using the covers of vintage golden books and sells them on Etsy
Next I found a beautiful circular embroidered table cloth ($3.50) which reminded me of Joanna's blog and her lovely embroidered needle book project. The table cloth fits our kitchen table perfectly so that was lucky!
And finally my favourite find today was a delightful mug (50 cents) that made me think of Melissa at tinyhappy straight away- she is using ceramic paint pens to paint plain white mugs and plates and I think she would really like the design on this mug.  The amazing coincidence is that when I looked underneath it said it was made in Norway which is where she used to live so that was really cool!

I also found a neat basket to put all my knitting supplies when I get up and running- it will need to be lined so that's something else for my list of things to do!
Happy thrifting!


Kelly said...

great finds! Have you been to the Waipuna Hospice Shop? They have some good stuff or if you feel like a drive Waihi Beach has a great op shop - I miss them now that I'm back in Auckland :(

Hope you don't mind me following your blog!

PaisleyJade said...

I love thrifting when I get a chance!!

Megan said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for following my blog- I am just starting out but am completely addicted! I haven't been to the Waipuna Shop yet but I will! Nice idea to go out to Waihi Beach too- hubby can take the girls to the beach and I can op shop! Have a good weekend :)

Jennie said...

I can relate to that post! (thinking of others as you go)
Op shopping is so exciting isn't it?

Megan said...

yes I love it! thanks for following my blog Jennie :)

Allana said...

Great finds! We have that same basket I picked up from an Oppie last year (how coincidental!), The Munchkin uses it for playing shops :)

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