Friday, February 12, 2010

mellow yellow

I am just in love with the colour yellow at the moment so today I decided to make some gift tags with a yellow theme.  I went to 'The Red Studio' at the Mount and got some manilla luggage tags very kindly for free as the owner had only just decided to stop stocking them and had put the whole lot out the back for recycling lucky me!  Then I bought a couple of stamps and ink pads from the scrapbooking shop 'Bookem' in Tauranga.  (I must have been a bit frazzled after looking after two sick kids all week though as I left my buggy on the street after putting the baby in the car - luckily a kind person spotted it and the shop owner had kept it out the back for me!!!)
I used my circle craft punch to make some smaller tags after seeing the idea in an article from Heleen (from Rubyinthedustdolls blog) in World Sweet World magazine. I used embroidery thread for the string and had a lovely time cutting, pasting and stamping my tags. My toddler loved doing some stamping too so that was a bonus.

Something else I felt like doing today was playing around with beads after seeing a post yesterday on the Prudent Baby website about making beaded necklaces  I really liked the idea of making necklaces and bracelets with my toddler so we could do some crafting together. I found the most amazing treasure trove shop "Uncle Black Beetle's" Tea and Craft shop on Otumoetai Road in Tauranga absolutely stuffed full of beads and all the other stuff you need to make your own jewellery. They offer classes too so I would love to rope a few pals into coming along one Sat morn for a few hours of creative fun.  I bought some big wide hole wooden beads for Amelie and she had fun threading them onto some string.  I found this lovely skirt at the Red Cross store when I was at the Mount today so I made this little yellow bracelet to go with it- it was really enjoyable making it and so satisfying!

Funnily enough I saw on tinyhappy tonight that Melissa also had a bead day making some beautiful necklaces. And Clare at Greenvalley crafts wrote a post the other day showing a lovely beaded heart artwork.
And finally for my yellow day I bought a beautiful "sunshine" flower as my toddler called it :)
By the way I didn't realise that my blog settings were set so that only people using blogger could comment on my blog- I've changed it now so anyone can write a comment :) Thanks, I really enjoy reading them!


Jen said...

yellow use to be my favourite colour when I was a girl

your art is so neat :)

Love the skirt and bracelet

and what a beautiful sunshine flower

Aunty Mum said...

What a gorgeous display of yellow. I love it all! The bracelet, the gift tags. Buttery loveliness.

Jennie said...

Wow! Just gorgeous!
I'm loving the ric rac on the tags and also that bracelet especially!

clare :: greenvalleycrafts said...

Hey loving the yellow! especially the gift tags, they are great x

The Devonport Craft Market / Cotton Kiwi said...

Lovely! And what a great day of kindness you got to experience. We're so lucky to live in this amazing country!

littleminx said...

Hi Megan, okay I think I've figured the comments out now! Your yellow blog was jus beautiful, I really get the love of yellow, it can be such a heartening colour to have around. Your tags are really gorgeous, and very professional looking, yay you!

Hope all is well in your home with your two wee ones feeling better,
Cheers, Joanna x

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