Sunday, February 7, 2010

a very long weekend

Well, both of my girls, Amelie aged nearly 3 and Stella 10 months have had terrible tummy bugs all weekend. Amelie started early Friday early evening and Stella midnight Friday night and 48 hours later I think they might only just be getting better now. Stella smiled for the first time this evening but Amelie was still looking very lethargic and not herself at all before bed. We have had the washing machine going all weekend along with numerous carpet cleans so lets hope tomorrow is a better day! We have had tummy bugs before but nothing like this and only one child not both!!!
Anyway, before this all happened I did make one fun thing on Friday- a little taggie toy for a friends new baby. I used black and white fabric as babies do seem to love looking at black and white in the early weeks don't they. It was really quick and easy to do so will have to do some more.
And here is a photo of some delicious tomatoes a neighbour very kindly gave us. Our big tomatoes are still looking quite green and the storm last weekend knocked most of the plants off their stakes!
One more pic... I found this gorgeous sheet from an op-shop in Havelock North when we went down to a wedding there. I have lots of crafty plans for that sheet! I love the flowers and the tiny dots on it.



Jen said...

hope your girls get better soon

I like the toy :)

bless your neighbours

Kelly said...

aren't old sheets the best for crafting - they're usually 100% cotton and so easy to sew.

ick tummy bugs don't sound pleasant - we've been lucky in that respect but I suspect now that Elijah has started kindy he may bring a few bugs home :( not looking forward to it though. Hope your girls are back to normal soon

you taggie looks great! I have a box full I made in 2008 that I was meant to sell at the markets - I never got around to it and they are all still sitting in the box lol

We've go one capsicum almost ready to eat and the other plant has a few buds (Elijah lives on capsicums so it can get expensive buying them). None of us eat tomatoes so I didn't plant any - I wish I had now though because they would be ok for cooking!

I see on your to do list you want to get your compost bin working properly - I also need to do that because I've just been throwing stuff in and its filled to the top now *gasp* and nothing in it resembles compost yet lol

Bee said...

I love old sheets and pillowcases. I have a small collection. I am drawn to the colours and prints. Your one with the dots is especially pretty!

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