Saturday, March 13, 2010

a book bag

I've been wanting a library bag for a while now as I'm visiting the library quite regularly for crafty and sewing books as well as for my usual fiction and books for the kids. I found this Cath Kidston apron the other day that I had actually forgotten I had (doesn't get used much obviously!) so I thought I would make a book bag out of it.
 I just cut off the main part of the apron and the 2 side straps, used the hem that was already there for the top of the bag, sewed around the sides and bottom of the bag, boxed the corners and then sewed on the straps- very quick and easy! And there's some fabric left over for some other little projects too.
Here is a pic of the bag next to a bag I got made when I lived in London- it's a photo of me and my friend when we were toddlers. I'm the one with the lego girl haircut on the right :)



Jennie said...

Gotta love the recycling! Both bags are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Beautiful fabric for a lovely new bag. I love the photo one too! Very cute. I have an apron bag too, it was my Great Grandmothers apron. Aprons are over-rated in my opinion!

bee said...

What a fabulous way to make use of that apron, much better than letting it gather dust in a drawer! Very nice :)

Aunty Mum said...

The bag is gorgeous. I love the whole recycle thing . . . makes life so much fun when you can create out of things you already have! You're turning into a fabulous sewer. I'm jealous (in a good way of course

Jen said...

very nice :)

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