Wednesday, March 10, 2010

change of season

I spotted this lovely looking picture book in the Herald's 'Viva' magazine today- "Seasons" by Blexbolex.  
Here is a description of the book from Amazon

"Blexbolex explores the cyclical nature of time by looking at the seasons. Using objects, landscapes, activities, and different types of people that are associated with each season (such as a skier, a swimmer, a roasted chestnut seller), Blexbolex evokes the sense of permanency given to life by its cyclical nature, despite the fact that time is always passing. The purpose of this book is to encourage observation of the world around us and lead the reader to form all sorts of logical and imaginative associations having to do with the seasons, the cycles of life, and time."

Doesn't it sound divine? 
I really love the change of seasons, especially autumn- the cooler mornings and evenings and the way the light changes from the intensity of summer to a much softer, dappled light.  It's a great season to get into some gardening too. We have been pruning back our trees and doing lots of general tidy up work ready for some autumn planting. I bought some daffodil bulbs today as apparently this is the time to plant them- I read somewhere that you should throw them up and plant them where they fall so I am going to do that. I bought a little Alyssum plant as well- a good hardy plant that looks great hanging over the edges of pots. I read a lovely post about Alyssum here too.

And isn't this a cute autumn artwork by one of my favourite illustrator's, Mandy Sutcliffe, of Belle and Boo.  She has the most gorgeous prints, cards, cushions and more here at 


Aims said...

That cushion is super cool. And the book is giving me ideas for little ones' b'days.....

Sarah said...

I've just remembered that I want to plant tulip bulbs this year. All the colours of the rainbows in pots by my front door.

I love your little pot plant hanging, it's so cute!

I love those sweet drawing too and that cushion is just perfect for Autumn.

Cat said...

Oh, I have never heard that about daffodils, how sweet. Love your new banner too :-)

Meeks said...

We did daffodils last year, and it is interesting to see them work there way up all through winter...then finally during spring they pop up! (then get blown over in the wellington wind...booo!)

PS maybe plant some tulips while you're at it!

belleandboostudio said...

thanks so much for featuring us on your wonderful blog, we really appreciate it.

Megan said...

everytime i read your posts i think about how we seem to be on the same thought path or like similar things. autumn is definitely my favourite as well, loving these cooler mornings and if i could only afford it i think i would buy the whole belle and boo shops worth of stuff. can't wait to see your garden in bloom - that is one thing we differ on, i am a gardening failure!

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