Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a lovely package

Take a peek at this package I received in the mail last week from the lovely Jennie from A Little Vintage, who makes gorgeous custom made dolls.  I won a prize in her recent giveaway and was absolutely gobsmacked when I opened up my package to see a beautiful purse with "Simple Pleasures" stitched on it and even my name on the back! A cute little purse made out of measuring tapes (clever!) and some delightful cards were in there as well. It really made my day thanks Jennie :)
Speaking of Simple Pleasures, in last week's Viva magazine there was a great article from Zoe Walker called 'The Enrich List' about people following their passions as well as a list of simple pleasures we can all enjoy. Here they are....

*Let go of the edge, you'll be amazed how you float
*Change your routine
*Bask in the sunshine
*Read the book before the movie
*Surround yourself with things that carry good memories
*Spend an afternoon cooking
*Spend time with people that make you laugh

And some crafty goodness in the Viva as well..
Crafty crochet design from Paul Smith and (inset) NZ label Lou and Ash

Well, time to finish off my pin cushion for the pin cushion swap now...


Helen said...

Love the measuring tape purse! And loved the "Enrich List". I am a firm believer of reading the book before seeing the movie! (P.S. Found you through KMB. Your header hooked me right in. Love it!)

Polka Dot Daze said...

That little purse is fabulous! Jennie is such a sweetie.

Polka Dot Daze said...

PS I like your wishlist - very clever!

~~Lina~~ said...

Congrats to you winning the give away! That tape measuring purse is cute.

Kelly said...

aww love the personalised purse - so thoughtful!

I may have to put that Enrich list on the fridge - thanks so much for sharing

Sarah said...

I do love your header! Very pretty indeed. I also love those thoughtful gifts you received. What a kind lady.

I saw that Viva article on crochet. Isn't that a fab skirt?!! I was tempted to turn my squares into a piece of clothing but hubby really couldn't cope with it! So funny to tease anyway.

Chavah said...

I love the pattern packaging! Love every little thing in this post.

Meeks said...

I'm thinking I need to get that magazine. That article about simple pleasures sounds GREAT! Thanks for sharing it.

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