Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my place and yours: pretty in pink

 I came across this lovely blog via Deb at Works in Progress and Jennie at A Little Vintage so I thought I would join in and post some pink pics too- not too difficult in a house of 3 girls!

Some cute little pink shoes
A collection of pink books
A card I bought (I love this pic!)
Some kitchen things- I got the pink salad servers for 50c from a secondhand shop in Raglan :)
A pink and white tea set from Nina Campbell  in London
(Rita Konig who wrote 'Domestic Bliss' is her daughter) 
A special bottle of bubbles - I don't really like wine but I love bubbles!
And for more pink themed pics click here

I also saw that over on Sew Funky there is another 'Toss Out Tuesday' so here's a pic of my 10 things off to the op shop :)



Jennie said...

Love those salad servers! And also that oven glove I spy!
(i don't like wine either - love the bubbles tho too)

Deb said...

Cute cute cute picture of the wee shoes.

Kelly said...

I so need to join in the Toss Out Tuesday! I've actually been going through the spare room today and found Elijah's old clothes (size 1, 2 & 3 lol time to pass them on!)

I have a pair of pink tongs and a pile of pink books - thats about it! Pink is my fave colour though

sewfunky said...

So good to see someone joining in on the toss-out-tuesday! :)

Loving pink too!

Aunty Mum said...

That tea set is to die for . . . I want one too!

Jackie said...

Sweet shoes and just as sweet teaset.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

fabulous examples of pink ... almost makes me wish i'd picked pink instead of blue for the kitchen. ps love the line of shoes. i love (and i miss) little girl shoes.

clare's craftroom said...

Love all the pink but the shoes all lined up look so cute !

dear prudence said...

Love the idea of 'toss out Tuesday' might get started at home!
Gorgeous pinks.

Bea said...

How cute are those shoes all lined up!

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