Monday, July 12, 2010

a random book post

I've been taking a few photo's of books I've read or used lately so I thought I'd just put them all together in a completely random book post....
My mum sent me this book the other week-I love it when people use really simple things to create clever design ideas (and I'm a big lego fan!)
tee hee
I spotted this book "Simple Softies" in the latest issue of Good Magazine- I want to get it just for the cat and the flower on the cover- that cat is so cute!
My crafting obsession has even gone to novels now as well as crafting books. I really enjoyed reading 'The Beach St Knitting Society and Yarn Club' and 'The Friday Night Knitting Club' earlier this year and I found these two books at the library the other day. 
My hubby couldn't help sniggering when he saw the 'knitting mystery' logo on the book 'Dropped Dead Stitch' but it was okay for an easy read.  At the moment I'm reading "Knitting"by Australia author Anne Bartlett and I'm really enjoying it- not your average knitting club type book at all.  Would love to hear of any other crafting type novels/authors anyone has enjoyed.

And we had a big cleaning day at home the other weekend (even my hubby commmented that the house was getting a bit out of control with piles of fabric and other assorted stuff everywhere) so I went mad cleaning all morning- even cleaning the wooden blinds which hadn't been dusted since we moved in over 2 years ago! I remembered a tip from Shannon Lush on the TV programme 'Lush House' last year (which was one of my fav programmes!) and made some blind cleaners from tongs and a sponge which you dip into warm tea and wipe along the blinds- it worked a treat.
And if you're wondering what thats got to do with books my hubby gave me Shannon's book "Spotless" one Valentines Day!
So there you go, I told you it was a bit random!
Megan x
PS: I just saw on Google that Julia Roberts is making a movie of 'The Friday Night Knitting Club'  so that'll be one to look out for :)


Gaijin Wife said...

like the empire state building on St. Pats day :)

Allana said...

cool, thanks for the book recommendations :)

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