Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wine bags and gift boxes

A few weeks ago a friend Jon at Rothbury Financial Services in Tauranga asked if there was anything I could make up to give as a 'client thank -you gift'.  After some brainstorming we came up with the idea of the wine bag so I set about finding a tutorial for one. I came across this one which was great- really easy to follow.
I made up a quick one in the Rothbury colours- it's insulated with some insul-brite which makes it a good practical gift.
But after thinking about it some more we realised that with the materials and time it wasn't really that cost effective so we decided to make up gift boxes instead.  I found some lovely cardboard tray type boxes and I'm sewing a cloth napkin to go in the box with a cheese knife and lots of other goodies.
Jon's lucky clients!

The good thing about making the wine bag was that I've now got a present for Dad for Christmas this year.  I really want to have a handmade christmas this year and it's always tricky thinking of things to make for the guys so this wine bag will be a goodie! 
Does anyone have any other ideas for crafty gifts for men?
I found this tutorial for a boxed toilet bag which would also make a good 'man gift' but I would love any more ideas :)


Cat said...

I always love giftboxes! Cufflinks are always fun to make, and great for the kids to help with for their dads! (and a nice way to use up your scraps).

Cotton Kiwi said...

There's a patchwork camera strap tute here:
and a wallet tute here:
A laptop case tute here:
and a mouse mat tutorial here:
Have fun!

Rosie said...

What about freezer paper stenciling a t-shirt? Not entirely handmade though I guess.

Gaijin Wife said...

Hmmmmmm, gift for husband....

big padded box to stuff him in when he's being a twat. Please tie with nice bow and include duct tape.

meeks said...

Hey Megan,

I saw this link, and thought it might be something that you could use your kozo tape for.

judith said...

Wine gift baskets are the kind of gifts that can be given on any occasion, just the liking of the person needs to be kept in mind.

subbu raj said...

Wine bags are exact fit to bring wines.

Gift Bags and Boxes

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