Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hungry caterpillars and a flower fairy

Our swan plant is teeming with very hungry caterpillars at the moment so I thought I'd share this amazing video of the life cycle of a monarch butterfly I found on youtube- it is stunning to watch.
Megan x
PS: Thanks for the tips re growing seeds in the classroom- I went for cress and mustard seed in the end- hopefully they'll grow!


Angie Millar said...

Wow Megan that was so cool to watch, thanks for sharing! I can't wait to show Matilda when she gets home from Kindy :-)

BigLittle said...

I love monarchs - they are so vivid! Amelie looks oh so gorgeous.. bless.

Jen said...

Missed you at the fireworks tonight but saw your gorgeous daughter. The fireworks were absolutely amazing! I'm sure Amelie will tell you all about them tomorrow - figure she probably fell asleep on the way home, as did my little boy.

littleminx said...

what a lovely picture of your flower fairy! x

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