Wednesday, March 23, 2011

tube poem

I came across this poster the other day when I was de-cluttering the spare room- it's a poem I bought when we were living in the UK.  I saw it on the tube one day when they were displaying "European Poems on the Underground" in the carriages.
I really like it- it's a very peaceful poem don't you think? It's by Greek poet, Yiannis Ritsos.

And a big thank you to Lyndy from one of my favourite blogs Stitchbird and also her fabulous online fabric shop 'Stitchbird Fabrics' for nominating me for a "Stylish Blogger" award. Much appreciated Lyndy!

Megan x

1 comment:

Astrid said...

Slow and steady poem like riding on the tube. I love it. Plus, anyone who can use commas like that has my heart :)

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