Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day giveaway winner and a tea-towel swap

Thank you for all the comments for my Mothers Day giveaway and a big congratulations to Alisa for winning the treats. I hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day.
I had a good day - my first as a mama of 3 :) Things are going well with Jack- he's a bit like our second baby Stella at the moment, pretty good for most of the day now (and sleeping in his bassinet finally!)  but much happier in our arms from about 7- 10 pm most nights, feeding and dozing for most of that time. Everyone told me with Stella to give it 12 weeks and then she would probably settle better at night times (which she did pretty much at exactly 12 weeks!)  so I'm guessing Jack will do that too. Funny how it was pretty stressful with Stella because we just kept trying to get her to sleep in her bassinet but this time we just take turns holding him or let him nap on the couch...hooray for a lot less crying!
Anyway, getting to the point....Have you heard about Leonie's tea towel swap?  Well, I'm getting pretty good at holding a baby and surfing the net with one hand in the evenings so I thought I'd share some tea towel links I've come across the last few nights.
Fern Bird Blue
Ingrid Anderson tea towel at Clever Bastards
Lynskey Lounge tea towel at Endemic World
Dishes Id Rather Be Doing - Tea Towel
Tea towel by Dear Colleen
Kitchen tea-cup set from Wallace Cotton
Marimekko tea-towels from Bolt of Cloth
Bon Bon
Darling Clementine teatowel from my favourite tea towel site 'To Dry For'
So head on over to Leonie's blog if you are keen to sign up (Sign ups close tomorrow 12th May)
And also, every Tuesday Juliet at 'Craft and Nappies' shares a cool crafty project using a tea towel- check them out here
Megan x


Mama Bear said...

Jack is ABSOLUTELY adorable! Makes me very clucky and excited to meet our little mr/miss!

Cool tea towels - may have to check the 'tea towel swap' out.

tartankiwi said...

Your wee boy is seriously going to have to share some of his hair with my wee baldy boy!
Love your choice of tea towels!

Becky said...

Congratulations Megan, on the birth of your beautiful baby boy! Both my two had similar hair on them - so cute. Thank you for your link to Leonie's tea towel swap, I have just joined in- great idea.
Enjoy your new baby. Bx

littleminx said...

LOVE that first tea-towel - you'd just want to frame them wouldn't you. Little Jack is so beautiful - ah the knowledge of having done something before! You're a great Mum x

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