Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Christchurch bloggers

After the events of yesterday, I'm sure these lovely bloggers and crafters would really love a visit...

Nin from The Wardrobe
Miriam from Make It Give It
Deb from Works in Progress
Juliet from Craft and Nappies
Lou from Seaside Siblings (Lou now lives out of Christchurch but do go visit her lovely blog anyway!)
Maddie from Li'l Magoolie- Maddie has moved to Aussie but her fantastic blog is still full of inspiring finds from NZ and Aussie as well as world wide finds
These are just a few of the Christchurch bloggers I could think of from the top of my head, I know there are many more wonderful bloggers there, would love to be reminded of or know of more :)

Thinking of you all,
Megan x


Fay said...

I'm a Christchurch blogger! Its certainly a scary time for us all (again).

frangipani said...

THANK YOU!!! Such a kind thought and much appreciated. We're going through a very tough time here.

Freedom Creative said...

You are so sweet! I'm a Christchurch blogger too, and feeling lucky (once again), to have gotten through another quake realitively well. Thanks for your thoughts!
- Emma x

frangipani said...

And to pay-it-forward here's a few other bloggers from the Christchurch area...
Jen from Le Bons Bay News (www.thelodgeatlebonsbay.blogspot.com)
Allie from Life in B-Town (www.lifeinb-town.blogspot.com)
Amy from Suburban Homemade (www.suburbanhomemade.blogspot.com)
Lee Anne from Tales from the Garden Gate (www.talesfromthegardengate.blogspot.com)
Rachel from The Far Side of the World (www.southseaislandhome.blogspot.com)
Rose from Rose in Thorns (www.roseinthorns.blogspot.com)

BigLittle said...

Megan, This is so sweet of you. All my love to Christchurch too. Lisa x

tartankiwi said...

Thanks Megan, you're so sweet! I think after a quick post later on today I'm going to have radio silence for a bit. My wee girl needs lots of care and attention at the mo. It's all been a bit much for her.

Seaside Siblings said...

What a lovely post Megan. You are right, I am not in christchurch any more, we moved south 6 weeks ago as for us, living in chch had just got too hard and too sad.

My heart goes out to everyone in chch, we even felt the 6.3 and we are over 300km away.

Lee-Anne said...

Megan, thankyou so much for stopping by on my blog and leaving such lovely comments.

It's amazing to read of so many other bloggers in Christchurch going through just the same thing as me.

Blessings, Lee-Anne

littleminx said...

What a lovley post - also Julia from Relique Vintage Jewellery and Rose from Rose in Thorns, and of course the Felt blog itself and the lovely Lucy x

makeitgiveit said...

You sure are one to share the love. I love visiting your blog it is always inspirational and lovely! x

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