Wednesday, June 1, 2011

homemade baby bath wash

Hello all, hope you are having a great week.  I made up some homemade baby bath wash this morning from Wendyl Nissen's recipe.
I already had the glycerol (it's the same as glycerin) from when I used it to make some homemade bubble mixture and I had the rose water from making Wendyl's pillowspray but you can get both from the chemist. I bought the rose soap from the Trade Aid shop (you use about half the bar to make the recipe). The recipe makes nearly 500mls of bath wash so I worked out that it cost approx $5.50 for 500 mls which is actually a similar price to the Johnsons and Johnsons baby bath wash but a lot cheaper than the other brands, especially the eco-friendly brands.
edit: Whoops just realised that Johnsons bath wash is around $5.50 for only 200 mls so this recipe works out alot cheaper!
I wanted to test it out this morning so it was a good way to give my 2 year old something to do while her sister/playmate was at pre-school.  I ran the bath and put in some paddling pool toys and plastic jugs and she had a great old time having the bath all to herself and filling up the jug again, and again, and again.....I think she was a bit confused that she was having a bath in the morning though! The bath wash was lovely- it smelt beautiful and soaped up nicely. It was quite runny so I'll possibly use more of it than I would using the supermarket brands but it's nice to know its a chemical free bath wash and it's great to be able to make it myself!
Putting the paddling pool toys in gave me an idea too- I remembered doing a simple science experiment back in my teaching days about floating and sinking.  So I collected up a whole lot of little things made from metal, wood, plastic and a few other things and tonight Amelie can decide whether she thinks each item will float or sink and they can test them in the bath. Will keep them busy for a while if nothing else! (Another fun thing to do is try and make a boat out of plasticine or tin-foil - they could see how many marbles their boat can hold before it sinks.)
Well, two kids are asleep at the moment so I"m going to read a mag in the sun before one of them wakes up-have probably just jinxed myself by writing this though!
Megan x
Had to share Jack's first smiley photo, taken yesterday 6 weeks old :)


Rochelle's Lenz said...

Six weeks!!! Already? The science experiment is a cool idea, will have to add to the bath time play. I am on the look out for a little mirror to put at the bottom of the bath for K who loves to go "eyes under"!! I jinxed sleep time today after finishing some chores I sat down to catch up on the blogosphere and hello baby!!! Hope you got to enjoy the sun x

BigLittle said...

Yes, I agree - Jack and our poppet are a very close tie in the hair stakes! He is so gorgeous. x

Naturally Carol said...

I love the idea of handmade bathwash and that's a good idea about the sink/float long as she doesn't sit on the fork..that could be painful!

Aunty Mum said...

What a fabulous idea. I'll definitely try that out. Thanks for sharing the link. x

Catherine said...

This is such a great idea. I really like how it's all chemical free, perfect for little ones skin. I bought an organic bubble bath for my girl and it was pretty expensive this sounds like a cheaper option I might use next time, thankyou. :)

littleminx said...

six weeks already! He's so gorgeous, I would share that smile too x

sarahgreen said...

Hi, I’m Sarahgreen.. new to this space. Can someone help me finda site that offers natural/ eco-friendly baby products?

I’ve found a few sites but not all their products are organic or eco-friendly, and it’s hard to find a site that has cute stuff.

Pauline Reyes said...

Thanks for the DIY! I’m excited to create mine!
~Pauline @ Aveeno Philippines

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