Friday, December 9, 2011

Things I'm loving...and the Christmas giveaway winner

Hi all, have just got my internet connection back after 24 hours without a phone line ( I coped..just!).  We are getting a fence built and the fencer cut through the phone line yesterday just as I was going to start collating the giveaway entries-127 entries all up including facebook entries! I put all the entries into an excel doc in the end and used the random number generator to pick the winner....

so congratulations Tina Longman you are the winner :) Thank you again for all your lovely comments and present ideas- very much appreciated.

And here are some things I'm loving this week...

* Just finished reading this book "One Day" by David Nicholls - a really great read if you're on the lookout for a book for your hols (has also been made into a movie).
One Day
* Currently reading this Elizabeth Berg novel "Once Upon a Time There Was You".
Once Upon a Time, There Was You
(yay to finding another one of her books as I have read about 12 of hers already!) and have these two Anne Tyler's (another favourite author) waiting on the bedside table for as well.
* Wanting to read this book Look at Me by Jennifer Egan reviewed on Good Morning this week by Kate de Goldi who always picks really great reads.
* This movie 'Midnight in Paris' at Rialto Tauranga.  I went to this last week and it was a really lovely movie- funny, clever, great acting and just a bit quirky.

* These TV programmes- Nigella's Christmas Kitchen and Jaime's Family Christmas. I can't get enough of Christmas cooking shows even though I haven't actually done any christmas baking yet and am still a very average cook. I love these shows for their ideas and inspiration and their beautiful cosy christmassy kitchens.  And the best thing is my 4 year old and I really enjoy watching them together 
* to Nat Rad / Radio National - I love it. Relaxing, informative, great music (this week featured Florence and the Machine and Amy Winehouse among others) , fantastic hosts and interviews with really interesting people (love Jim Mora's afternoon show especially), Lynne Freeman's Arts on Sunday and Music 101 on Saturdays. Heaps of book and film reviews too. Recommend!

More "Things I'm loving" from other bloggers at Paisley Jade's here...
Megan x


Remaliah said...

Fun summery Christmas list! Thanks so much for your great giveaway and congrats to the lucky one who will enjoy it I'm sure :) Thanks for your comment! I somehow came via your info page where I noticed you like french films. There's a fun one available on itunes called Heartbreaker, with Vaness Paradis...and a new one out over here that people seem to LOVE called Untouchables. If you spot it on near you it sounds like one worth seeing :)

Lesley said...

I've read Anne Tyler for the first time this year - read Accidental Tourist and currently half way through Saint Maybe. I'm rotating a short list of authors at the moment - Paullina Simons, Sebastian Faulks, Anne Tyler and Philippa Gregory. Must tune into National Radio, and off talkback hahaha!

flowerpress said...

Anne Tyler is one of my very favourites! I'm always excited when I see one I haven't read. Must try Elizabeth Berg, I haven't heard of her. Have you read Sue Miller?

Rachel said...

Hi Megan,
Thanks for the book reviews. I've been looking for a good read over Christmas, so will check out some of these. Love finding new authors.
We are moving up to Tauranga in the new year! So excited. Our kids got into Bethlehem College - so we're on the hunt for a house. It's a crazy time to be selling and moving but can't wait to get to the Bay of Plenty!
Rachel from Chch

PaisleyJade said...

I love books... also love Nigella and her Christmas cooking!!

greta @ topography said...

I have got hooked on national radio this year, my husband teases me about it but I tell him it is like a giant podcast... I enjoyed One Day too. :)

Tara Culver said...

Watching Nigella presently! So wanna start book/foreign film/wine appreciation/canapé connoisseur society.... you keen Megs! xx
ps; Thanks for book suggestions - just need to find the time!

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