Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I ♥ geometric

The latest thing catching my eye is anything with a geometric look so I thought I'd share a few geometric designs I'm loving (and some colouring in sheets too.)
Triangle Twist design quilting cotton - FQ
Triangle Twist design quilting cotton - FQ
This is part of Susie's FlowerPress 'Toy Box' series of fabric designs available on Etsy. (Check out Susie's wonderful blog here too- http://www.flowerpress.blogspot.com)

Mahogany Ring No. 2
Bliss in a Teacup wooden ring on Etsy- these are handmade by a clever NZ crafty couple.
Wooden pattern blocks- we've got some of these and my 2 and 4 year olds love playing with them and making patterns and designs. It looks like you can't buy less than the pack of 250 but you could always halve or quarter the pack and make up some packs for gifts I guess!
Here's a great tutorial I came across for some painted Geometric art
And I made some Geometric colouring sheets the other day-I even coloured one too after reading this post from Meg at Growing Kiwi's -it really is relaxing!

And here's the reason I've got geometric on my mind- we watch this video heaps- the girls love it (and me too!)


Notchka said...

Ha! When I saw the title of you post I immediately thought of that Gotye track. Its a real fav at my house and I've started designing a quilt inspired by it (goodness know when that will happen though!)

Ruby in the Dust said...

ditto for the song and video! I can't get enough of triangles and diamonds either.

flowerpress said...

Thanks Megan :-)
As you can tell I'm a bit keen for geometrics too, and I love that video!

Hana said...

Hey Megan,
Loving all the geometrics - especially that Foundry print! I love that song too - although hadn't worked out who it was by and if it was a new song or a remake (yep, pretty much live in a hole!) ...

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