Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My new design crush

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to win this cute pair of baby shoes from the lovely blog Miss MollyCoddle.
I was able to choose the pair I wanted from Sarah's Felt Shop (after much deliberation as there were so many cute ones to choose from) and chose these 'rocket launcher' ones as I love the fabric. Jack looks so cute in them- thank you again Sarah :)

And then yesterday I read this blog post from The Little Craft Store  which had a photo of a sweet embroidery pattern. When I clicked on the link to the pattern I came across my new design crush- Sarah Jane Studios- who not only designed the fabric in the baby shoes above but also has The. Most. Gorgeous. range of prints, patterns, fabrics, books, jewellery and so much more.  So I thought I'd share some of my favourite things with you...

Children's Wall Art Prints- BE collection (4 - 8x10s) - Kids Nursery Room Decor

Children's Wall Art Print - Snuggle Me - 8x10 - Kids Nursery Room Decor

Embroidery Pattern PDF- On Parade
Necklace - Just Stay Little
Sarah Jane's necklaces are so sweet and would be such a special gift for a little (or big!) girl.  This one is tugging at my heart strings as my eldest is starting school soon.
2012 Wall Calendar - Sarah Jane - ON SALE
Check out her shop and blog- are you in love now too??!!
Megan x


Amy said...

Oh WOW, Megan! Yes I am in love now too!

Leah said...

How adorable! I'm a sucker for gorgeous fabric so I can see that I am going to get myself into trouble here!!! Hope you're having a fab week hon.

Flower said...

How beautiful!!!!! I'm going there now for a squizz, thanks Megan xx

Notchka said...

Cute - you just reminded me I have a panel of that playhouse with the trees and space for family tree - ah so much fabric, too little time :)

Craftysquirrel said...

Yes very cute, my girl will start school soon too so love the little pendant.

jodi said...

so in love! and i was trying to save, not spend! x

Hana Colmar said...

Hi Megan - I just love Sarah Jane's work - it's so gorgeous!! I am dying to have an excuse to buy some of her artwork and some fabric too... I find Mandy of Belle and Boo to have a similar aesthetic -if you're not familiar you'll probably love it too

Hana xo

Rowantree Design said...

They are such beautiful and quirky little prints, so many little projects to be made from these. Love the pendant, so very sweet.

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