Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Year

Hello all and a Happy New Year. I hope you all had a great new years- we had a really good one thanks to a friend's genius idea for 6 of us mums to leave the kids with the dads at her house (6 dads, 11 children including 4 babies) and head to a nice hotel for drinks and not come back till all the kids were tucked up in bed. Can you believe they let us.... and got them all to sleep! A really fun night and a great start to the New Year -only the 2nd I think where I have actually seen midnight since having children!  We also had a little holiday in Napier - the kids loved the aquarium, fishing off the wharf and having a few swims so it feels like we have had a really good break which was much needed by the end of last year as I'm sure most of you can relate!
I so love the start of a new year - the feeling of new beginnings, goals and resolutions to think about (loving reading everyone else's in blogland) and plans for the year.  I usually get on a big decluttering frenzy and this year has been no exception. We sorted out our storage shed which had got so bad we couldn't even get in it- I was climbing over stuff to reach the Christmas stuff back in December so it was awesome getting rid of heaps of stuff in there. We also did a big clean up of my hubby's shed which (mostly thanks to me) had also got out of control so that feel great to be able to see the workbench again.
How cute are kids gumboots :)
And today I sorted out most of the kitchen cupboards too so am feeling 2012 is off to a good start so far.  My 'organised home challenge' last year was a great motivator for me in the first half of last year of last year but as the year progressed things went a bit downhill where my house was anything but organised so I am looking forward to doing some more areas this year and sharing them here. Also am looking forward to sharing my latest project-a playhouse renovation which was heaps of fun to do (although possibly the main reason my grand plan of handmade christmas presents went out the window!) 
It feels like the beginning of a whole new phase of life this year- the first year in five years that I won't be pregnant or have a newborn baby! And my eldest is starting school this year plus I'm wanting to get back into some part time teaching too so there's lots of changes and  new things on the horizon.
Hope you are enjoying the start of 2012 as well, 


Michelle said...

Wow great plans for the New Year... do you think you could fit some time in to come and declutter our carshed ;o)...

Jen said...

Great plans for 2012 - should keep you well busy!
Think I might have to write down some plans for the year too - maybe then I can keep to them for once!
We should catch up for coffee sometime - with Anita too.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

NYE...OMG! good work!

Enjoy the lack of pregnancy/new baby...I have loved the baby stage, but there's alot to be said for a little more freedom!
Happy new year to you megan - don't think I've been over here to say that yet?!
fee x

Hana Colmar said...

Sounds like you had a great New Years! I too have that feeling of anticipating of another year unfolding! And like you - it will be the first time in forever without a new born or pregnant - a bit of a revelation!!

Really looking forward to seeing your playhouse makeover! xo

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