Friday, January 27, 2012

PE for grown-ups

Well I've just finished Week 2 of the 6 week Cross Fit Boot Camp I signed up to at Mount Cross Fit through a Grabone deal.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a morning person and am pretty much the most unlikely person to join up to an exercise programme but I am so glad I did- it is awesome! Running barefoot on the beach this morning as the sun was rising was really cool and the workouts so far have been challenging (in a good way) and really good for both cardio and strength training.  There's heaps of variety each session and a good mix of indoor and outdoor workouts. My hubby said Boot Camp is like PE for grown ups and it really is but a lot more motivating than high school PE!! You are split into groups based on your fitness level (and there's all ages and fitness levels at bootcamp)  and then you follow a programme in your group that involves some running (mostly short distances more like sprints with a few longer ones as well)  and heaps of other exercises. There's lots of partner stuff where one does the exercise while the others rests and then swaps which is great. And each group has their own trainer that takes you through everything and is a great motivator.  Check it out here if you are keen to find out more - - and don't get freaked out by the pics of really cut people running in gas masks on their website- we haven't had to do anything like that!!! Boot Camp is great because it caters for all fitness levels from beginners like me to really fit people and elite athletes and there's a real team spirit feeling in the group. And you even get a free t-shirt ;) Next intake for the Mount one is 5th March and is limited to 60 people.
This sounds like one big ad for Boot Camp but as you have probably gathered from my blog I'm one of those people that gets really enthusiastic about things and wants to share it with everyone!  And I'm probably still on adrenalin from this morning;)   On their website they say "You will get fit and you will have fun" which pretty much sums it up! there are links to other CrossFit gyms on their website too Auckland based Cross Fit Gym


shorty said...

Well done you! My husband is big on CrossFit when he has the time and $$. Must be the morning for exercise posts too - I just finished my post on my new mad hobby of running!

Jenny said...

Wow another shot of inspiration! I really need to don my gym/ running gears I think ... I'm not breastfeeding much anymore but still eating like I am! ha ha!

Christy said...

My husband swears by crossfit. And we just had a kids crossfit place open in our town, I'm thinking of taking my boys to see if they like it. :) Good Luck with your training!

gaijinwife said...

Must say am very impressed. A promotional blog about fitness? Craziness my friend. Glad to hear its going so well though and that hub is letter you out during the morning chaos - or do you get home before the house even wakes up?
Ordered egg shapers today - but they don't shape whole egg. It turns the yolks into starts and hearts and stuff so when you cut open the hard boiled egg its white round with a yell star!! I have no idea how it works.

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