Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dolls house books

I think I could spend my days just looking on book depository- I have a wishlist that goes for about 8 pages on there! I have been looking for some book ideas for Amelie for her 5th birthday and came across a few dolls house books so I thought I would share them with you for all you dolls house enthusiasts out there.
The Dolls' House Fairy
I got this one out from the library the other day- it's a sweet little story with beautiful illustrations. Makes me want to hide a little fairy in Amelie's dolls house to find!
The Enchanted Dolls' House
This one looks amazing - pop up dollhouses, secret letters, hidden pictures, a jewelry box to explore and more.
Doll's House Sticker Book
The Doll's House
And dolls house fan Monica put a link to all these dollshouse reno's on my Facebook page so I thought I would share it here too for those of you not on Facebook. Thanks again Monica!


Max said...

Omg i want the rumer godden/tasha tudour book, tt illustrations are gorgeous and i never knew rumer godden wrote a book about a doll house! Thanks for the heads up doll-house guru! X

Rhiannon said...

We have the fairy in the dolls house book out from the library now, great story. I also thought about hiding a fairy in the dolls house to surprise her for Easter.

Notchka said...

Ha! Doll-house guru (previous comment) - love it.

I just wanted to say that I'm glad I'm not the only one with a reaaaaally long wishlist on book depository

Little Nell said...

Lovely, thank you. I had to leave my lovely dolls house behind when we emigrated. Perhaps we should start one for the grandchildren.

MsToothFairy said...

My wishlist on the Book depository is also very long... I love that site. Thanks for the book recommendations!

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