Saturday, March 24, 2012

A home and a cottage

Thank you all so much for your kind comments from my post on Thursday- I just banged that post out really quickly and did not at all expect the beautiful comments people wrote- it made me feel so good about sharing my projects and all the other stuff I blog about - and to know that so many of you (and your children even-that was really cool to know!) enjoy reading and get a wee bit of pleasure in your day as you go about the same stuff I do!
I have been really looking forward to sharing this lovely home and cottage featured in the latest issue of Your Home and Garden magazine- especially for you overseas readers that don't get to read this fab magazine. I haven't shared a house from a magazine here before but this one was just so gorgeous I knew that a lot of you would enjoy it too.
The magazine features Deborah Tapper's home in Wellington and her cottage in Greytown. I could honestly move into either of them tomorrow and not change a thing!! She even has Orla Kiely cupboards in her kitchen like my dollshouse! And her cottage....french doors, pink roses, white painted is exactly my dream of a little cottage one day.
I emailed Deborah to see if she would mind if I shared her home on here and she was very happy to- she said most of her finds are op-shop finds- she must be one good op-shopper!!
Here are the pics (taken by YH&G photographer Nicola Edmonds).
Love the bright pink and emerald green accents
The clever lady herself (love the artworks in frames on the left too)
Deborah designed and made the cushions and also sometimes sells them- you can find them at Hope & Glory in Greytown and at Lisa Harmen's Workshop in Carterton
Her office nook in the alcove next to the fireplace-great idea don't you think!
♥ Orla Kiely wallpaper on kitchen cupboards 
Even  the interior of a shelf has a cute wallpaper- love this striped yellow and pink one
Retro fab in her son's bedroom- check out the yellow typewriter!
Master bedroom with beautiful fan as a wall hanging
Deborah's 'Birdy' cottage in Greytown
That couch is so inviting...
Cutest. kitchen. ever.
Stunning wallpaper in one of the bedrooms- and more cute paper in the little shelf of the bedside table
french doors, bunting and roses 
And guess what- when I googled Deborah's name her cottage came up on a website for accomodation in Greytown...yes you can stay there! Wouldn't that be a nice way to spend a weekend...wish Greytown was a bit closer!!
There are plenty more colourful homes in this months issue as well if you can get your hands on a copy!
Megan x


Joanna (little minx) said...

It just feels so warm and cosy doesn't it! I can see why you like it, the light in it is just beautiful, very inspiring. The wall art (green birds I think) is from Emma Makes :-)

Leonie said...

It's gorgeous - that is just what I'm aiming for with my home... One Day... Beautiful - thanks for sharing x

kiwirach said...

ooooh, those homes look wonderful....i'll have to get my mum to send me a copy of the magazine...can you just tell me the month, so i can tell her.(here in the UK they publish the magazines a month in advance!).

MissMollyCoddle said...

I loved these houses too, especially the cottage. And I thought of you when I saw that orla kiely pattern!

Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

Awesomeness. I might have to buy the mag! Love seeing what Kiwi designers are up to because I'm usually spending all my time following what's happening overseas. Thanks!

kiwirach said...

Megan, thanks for the magazine info...i shall phone home sunday morning your time, and send my mother to Supervalue to get it for me!.

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

Oh I was going to pass on getting that edition but now you have me tempted - and of course to see a fellow Greytown house too.

Leah said...

Aren't both their homes just amazing! In my past life before kids I worked with both Deborah and Allen so was so excited to see them in this latest issue. I just about fell off my chair when I saw those stunning Orla Kiely covered cupboards - just gorgeous!! Their Greytown home is on the prettiest corner section - you'd never ever want to leave!
Have a fab week hon,

Notchka said...

gosh - a kindred spirit?

Megan said...

It's the April 2012 issue :)

Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

I just bought this mag over Easter when I finally had a moment to read one... this house was amazing! I wish there was more of it online so I could share it on the blog, but it is stunning!

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