Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I ♥ colouring

Lark is a gorgeous online and bricks and motar store in Daylesford Australia. I get their newsletter emailed to me and in their latest one there was a link that caught my eye - this book "Color" by Alexander Girard. 
Alexander Girard Color Book
When I googled the authors name this colouring book (available for pre-order) came up which gave me the idea to find some more colouring books with a design or art bent and some cute kids ones too. 

Alexander Girard Coloring Book
I did some colouring the other day with the girls on a rainy Sunday afternoon and it was soooo enjoyable just colouring and talking so I might have to treat myself to one of these and buy one for each of the girls for their birthdays coming up.  I hope you enjoy my picks :)
Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book
The Fashion Coloring Book
Hundertwasser Colouring Book

Coloring Book Vincent Van Gogh
Leonardo Da Vinci Coloring Book
Coloring Book Andy Warhol

Indie Rock Coloring Book

A few for the kids...

The Gruffalo Colouring Book
My Own Very Hungry Caterpillar Colouring Book

Elmer and Friends First Colouring Activity Book

A couple of good ones with the Olympics coming up...
Colouring Book London

And this one looks really fun...

Holes!: A Coloring Book

Happy Colouring/Coloring depending on where you are from!


Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

It's quite therapeutic isn't it. Except I couldn't resist, and bought myself that YSL colouring book a week or so ago, and I'm afraid I would ruin it if I remotely tried to colour anything. It's so lovely!

Miriam said...

Some of them look amazing! Love

Lesley said...

Hundertwasser all the way for me! I have a couple of lovely "grown up" colouring books - one I keep at the bach... it's a floral design colouring book, and I have very special me-only pencils for that. The other is by the gorgeous Sweet William - the "Sweet Lucille" colourig book is technically Carly's but I have been known to join in. Whimsical wonderful stuff.

MsToothFairy said...

What a COOL idea. Love love love.

A YSL colouring in book- fancy that.
I love colouring too and am thrilled to discover that its socially acceptable to enjoy it once you;ve finished primary school!

Blau von T said...

such a cute post x

Joanna (little minx) said...

Love it! Especially the Van Gogh and Museum of Modern Art ones! We have that Very Hungry Caterpillar one, it's a great one to take to family do's and get all the kids to add to, ends up telling a story x

Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

This is a lovely list! Thank you!

mila + cuatro said...

These are geat, I'm especially keen on the very hungry caterpillar one. I also love the colouring sheets on Made by Joel: http://madebyjoel.com/free-coloring-sheets

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