Friday, May 25, 2012

Things I'm loving

It's a bit of a random 'Things I'm Loving' post this week- I've been 'collecting' up things to share for quite a while but it is taking me a lot longer to write blog posts these days than it used to!
♥ my gorgeous crochet tea cosy made by one of my favourite bloggers Leah from 'Why didn't anyone tell me'. I bought it from her Felt shop (there is another lovely one for sale in her shop) and she has also kindly written a tutorial to make your own!
♥ this awesome 'School Years' Folder my mum bought for my 5 year old. It has pockets for class photo's and certificates and lots of room to fill in details of each year. So handy! She got it from a book store in Napier but I have found a few online from Pocotots and Identity Direct.
♥  This fun picture book my 3 year old got for her birthday- don't kids love searching for little things in books...
♥  Jack learning how to walk and loving it!
♥  I got sent these new sweet rice cakes from Sun Rice and can honestly say they have been a hit in our household- the kids loved the flavours, they've been great for lunchboxes, and the best thing was that they are nice and big and took ages for Jack to eat which is always a good thing!!
♥ New birthday boots- I am loving that Bobux is now making kids shoes going up to Size 28-these ones are size 27 and fit my 5 year old with still a little bit of room to grow. I got them from Smiths Sport Shoes here in Tauranga. 
♥ This wool cardigan from Purple Patch in Tauranga.  I find it really hard to find 100% woolen cardigans in the normal kids shops so I was rapt to find this one - they had heaps more cardi's and jerseys to choose from too and the shop stock is all handmade from local crafters. Cute wooden toys, furniture and even some dollshouses in there too!
By the way, if you are looking for a woolen cardi, Melissa from her Felt shop 'Mum of Twins' makes beautiful 100% wool and merino cardigans and other hand knitted garments and depending on size she can also make to order. 
♥ If I can make something without measuring I generally will but sometimes I just have to measure darn it,  so I made these measurements to go along the edge of my craft desk- I used strips of kozo tape and wrote the measurements for 10, 20, 30 and 50 cms on the tape- it has come in very handy- much better than always searching for my ruler in my mess of a craft space!
♥ This new book from the library- The Crafty Girls Road Trip by Ann Packer- it would be a great one to have in your glove box!
♥ I have nearly finished reading this book- The Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman-my mum sent it to me and we both couldn't put it down- it's caused a few late nights as I can't stop reading it!
Well, there's a long list this week- as you can see I have been saving up things to share for a while now!
And Meghan from MNM's is the new host of 'Things I'm Loving' now- check it out here
Megan x


Leonie said...

Wow those are some awesome things! Love the shool year folder - I had one growing up and it is great to look back on. Must add the book to my list, and those crackers! Go Jack!! and gorgeous woollen goodies too! Have a great weekend :)

Leah said...

Morning! I can't believe my timing - I just had a few minutes to jump online and spotted your gorgeous post. I'm so pleased you like your tea cosy hon! Thank you for the lovely mentions, you have truly made my day!!! I am off to the supermarket this morning so will most definitely look out for those rice cakes - my wee ones will LOVE them I just know it.

Have a fabulous weekend hon.

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Beautiful post and that cosy for your teapot made me smile - so bright, happy and cheerful.

That book looks a good one - I'm off to check it out on Amazon Kindle now :)

Have a great weekend!

Craftysquirrel said...

Love your little list of great things especially the school folder and books. Just bought my 5 yr old bobux boots for winter - fantastic fit and she is only in the 27 so will fit their summer shoes this yr too .

Miriam said...

What a great list of things - loving the school folder - we'd only be a year behind if I got one now...

Naturally Carol said...

Isn't it lovely to find handmade stuff you love. I think that the little red cardi and the tea cosy are just adorable!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Love your loving :-) Those sweet rice cakes look intriguing....are they in supermarkets yet? And I had no idea Bobux made shoes for older kids...good to know! Those school year books are a cool idea too! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend :-)

Catherine said...

We love books where you have to go looking for things, the I Spy books are our favourites to sit and read. The red cardigan is very sweet in red. It sounds like a really nice shop to go and visit, I love a good handmade shop. Enjoy your weekend and some more reading too:)

tartankiwi said...

I know what you mean about trying to find wook jumpers in highstreet shops- impossible, just nasty acrylic (yuk!) Purple Patch is such a great wee shop (miss it!)
I might have to look for one of those school year folders for when my two start school, such a great idea!

Stace said...

Awesome post. we love our school memories book as well, my mil bought it for my son when he started school a few weeks ago, her mum bought them for her kids. super love the red cardi :)

Jan said...

What a beautiful blog you have. I especially love your teapot cover.

Bron said...

Some great loving the measurement system and the tea cosy....just thinking today I don't have a cosy for my pot. xx

huana said...

I love your tea cosy,it's so inspiring,and what a great idea for measurements to go along the edge of desk,I'm always on the search for my measuring tape too :-)

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