Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I ♥ lego

Growing up we used to have a huge bag of lego that I have very fond memories of playing with- (always making houses from memory with those cute little shutter windows).  So it was pretty awesome to be offered to review a new lego game 'Lego Creationary' and share it here- there was much excitement in our house when it arrived! It is such a cool concept- think Pictionary but with lego instead of drawing.  The game comes with heaps of lego pieces and cards to play the game based on skill level. The game says it is for 7+ and I would have to say from the cards that even on the easy skill level you'd have to be pretty good with lego to make some of the things so this would definitely be a great game for older kids- my two enjoyed making things with the lego, especially my 5 year old, but the cards were a bit beyond them (and me to be honest- I need to work on my lego building skills I think! (This website I found via pinterest will be great for that...  So if you have older children this would be a fab game to add to your family board games, especially with school holidays coming up, or even for christmas...check out too.
Product name: LEGO®  Creationary- you can buy it here
Product description: Roll the LEGO® Dice to select one of four exciting building categories: vehicles, buildings, nature or things. With three levels of difficulty you can show off your building skills, while theothers guess what you are creating. A great game for family and friends to test your imagination, creativity, building and guessing skills to the max.
Contents: • 1 buildable LEGO Dice • 1 LEGO minifigure • 1 LEGO microfigure • 338 LEGO pieces • 96 cards • 1 rule booklet
Age: From 7 years.
RRP: $    69.99 

Playing with lego again reminded me of a few things I've seen on the web lately to do with lego, and I also did a search on pinterest so here are a few more fun Lego things I've found...
CRAZY Candies 500g Candy Lego Blocks
Lego Drawstring Sack Tutorial - we had one of these made out of denim when we were little- such a great idea!
Lego Organization
On a scale of 1 to stepping on a Lego, how much pain are you in?

Happy lego creating!
Megan x


A little bit Country said...

Great post! I remember spending hours playing with lego as a child. Keen to introduce it to my boys very soon.

Naturally Carol said...

Ouch..hehe! I've stepped on plenty of lego in my time..having four boys! I have kept theirs in a big tub and was thinking that I should get it up from under the house and give it a good scrub.

Rhissanna said...

Oh wow. The LEGO postcard. I laughed out loud!

Ali said...

Ooh spooky just bought that game for my 9 year olds birthday the other day - but we havent played it yet!

Christina said...

I love the Lego drawstring sack idea! Just wanted to say I really love your blog and find it really creatively inspiring! Keep i t up!

Miriam said...

huh love that last quote that is awesome!

Lesley said...

Thanks so much for the link to that drawstring Lego bag tutorial - I get a lot of traffic to my blog post of my version so I will go and edit my post to link to that one which is great (wish I had looked at that one and not made it up out of my head!!)

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