Monday, October 22, 2012

I ♥ the muppets

Ever since watching the Muppets movie a while ago my girls have gone muppet crazy so I thought I'd share a few muppet things I've come across lately and a few things I've made for the girls too. If you haven't seen the movie yet go and get it out as it is just brilliant!

Muppet alphabet print by Mike Book- my girls loved figuring out who was who when I showed them this
I shared this kermit apple snack on my mousehouse facebook page the other day- here's how to make your own one..
You'll need an edible ink marker for the eyes- I got mine from here
I also shared this Miss Piggy sandwich I made for my three year old...she couldn't tell me who it was though!  I used luncheon for the face and nose, a fruit leather for the mouth and bega cheese strings for the hair.
Muppet book and CD- I bought them both from Fishpond- the CD has been sooooo popular - it's been great to see the kids listening to and singing along to all the songs
Muppet Printable Party Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers

Amelie made this cute 'muppits' picture so had to share it :)
And I made a very quick and easy Kermit costume yesterday-I bought the green t-shirt from second hand kids shop Zero to Five, sewed on some green felt for the collar and glued some polystyrene balls to a headband-the girls loved it- Jack wasn't too keen on the headband though and pulled off the balls straight away...need to work out a more permanent way of attaching them!

And here are a few youtube clips from the Muppets movie and a lovely photo tribute to Jim Henson as well...

Mahna Mahna
Am I a man or am I a muppet?

Life's a Happy Song

The Rainbow Connection- Tribute to Jim Henson
And I have a spare edible ink pen to giveaway as they come in a pack of two so if you would like it to make your own Kermit apple leave a comment telling me your favourite muppets character!
Megan x
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Stacia said...

We love the muppets too, we saw the movie four times at the cinema! The last time we saw it my daughter who was two and a half at the time stood up and started singing Man or Muppet at the top of her lungs in the middle of the movie!
We often play the soundtrack in the car, lifes a happy song always makes me smile even when the day is not going well. Love all the things you have posted the sandwiches and Kermit costume are very cool.

Tori said...

My favourite Muppets character is Fozzie. He's just so kind and caring and naive and funny and he's cool! :)

nzgreenbuttons said...

Awesome ideas! My kids loved that movie too, I never thought of getting the soundtrack though, great idea! Miss Piggy was my favourite as a kid, but probably Gonzo now!

CC said...

Some great ideas. I love the Kermit apple snack and the Rolf cake pops. So cute.

We haven't watched the muppet movie yet but I've shown the kids some old muppet clips on YouTube and they love my old "muppet show cast album". My favorite muppet would have to be Kermit.

Remaliah said...

I'm going to put the movie on our list to see :) Love the Kermit apple idea, so the pen would be great!
My favourite would have to be Kermit :)

Chris C said...

My favouite is Beaker. I have a Muppets record floating around somewhere, i must dig it out for my daughter

fee @ chipper nelly said...

that's put 'manamana' firmly in my head for the rest of the day....not sure how i feel about that!!!
great post
fee x

VintageVicki said...

Love the Muppets - part of my childhood :) I do remember them bringing it back when BigSon was very small - he loved it too.

Love your Kermit costume - simple but effective :)

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

The Swedish Chef was our favourite.
We would sit at the table at tea time and sing "le morsch ke body do doom doom boom" Dad included.
Loved it!
Those ralph cakes are amazing.

Katie said...

What an awesome collection of all things Muppets :-) My favourite character is Gonzo...he was awesome in Muppets Christmas Carol :-)

ally said...

Loved the muppet movie - more that the kids I think!!
Your poster is to check it out
And the pig sandwich?? brilliant!

Libby said...

Love the Muppet Movie (#1)..."Turn at the fork in the road" "Care to sniff the cap?" "Jack not name, Jack job!"
"Rainbow Connection" still rocks as does the image of Kermit riding a bicycle. My son looked like that the first time he rode his bike...wore a green t-shirt too!

For the eyes...make a hood/hat and put the eyes on them. Superglue? Fabric eyeball sockets with the balls glued in?

I think I have to steal your idea for my costume at the preschool next week, I can still work with my client (3yr.old possible autistic) and not get anything ripped off easily.

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