Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Perfectly Imperfect Home

I got this book out of the library yesterday 'The Perfectly Imperfect Home' by Deborah Needleman after seeing it on Fishpond and just had to share it as it is such a delicious book to read if you are into houses and interiors as much as I am! It is written by the former editor of Domino magazine who is now the Editor of the NY Times Style Magazine (how much would I love to read that each week!)
I love the names for the chapters- things like "place for chatting" "cozifications" and 'glamifications".

I really like Deborah's style of writing and she has a great sense of humour too- here is a quote on the back of the book from her 10 year old son :)
She actually writes a lot like Rita Konig (who incidentally also wrote for Domino magazine) and who wrote one of my favourite book's "Domestic Bliss" which set me off on my path of home obsession!
So there you go, another book to put on your wishlist perhaps!
Megan x


Naturally Carol said...

Sounds like an excellent read! I laughed at the son's's true though isn't it? We do it all the time.

Lily said...

I really like the look of that book. One thing that often puts me off style books is that everything is 'designer' and/or expensive. This looks like it helps you make the most of things you already have. xxx

Cat said...

LOL oh I did so laugh at her sons comment

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

I agree it's a great book. It has me dreaming of entrance nooks and side tables. there has been much room shuffling after reading this.

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