Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Book Club

I am going to try and share some of the books I am really enjoying most Fridays this year (sometimes just on my mousehouse facebook page and sometimes I'll write a blog post as well) so here are my first four for 2014.


This book was recommended in lots of magazines over the last few months so I have just picked it up today, I noticed there were 3 other copies on hold as well so it must be popular! The novel I've just finished and really enjoyed was 'The Luminaries" by Eleanor Catton-it was  a challenging read in the beginning but the story and the characters were very compelling-she is one incredible author!

Non Fiction

I bought this book late last year and have been dipping into it over the holidays- I absolutely love it and can't recommend it enough, especially to any of you mums that maybe feel you have lost a bit of yourself along the way parenting wise if you know what I mean! I really like Lisa's style and philosophies on life :)
I got this book out of the library recently as it was another one recommended in a magazine, I can never get enough of any books about organising your home (mine by the way is pretty much a complete opposite of an organised home but I have big plans this year!). I read this book the other day while my 6 year old and her friend were having a swim at the school pool and it was so nice to see/hear them playing happily while I indulged in some peaceful time reading. If I was at home I would not be able to focus the same on a book like this for long (always something to do) so I can recommend taking a book like this out with you! This book has heaps of great tips and ideas as well as lots of anecdotal stories as well about having a busy household (Antonia has 5 young children!)

Children's Books

Baxter Basics- Poems for Children by James K. Baxter
I've saved my favourite till last- I spotted this book at Unity Books in Auckland High St the other day when I went up for the night to see two good friends and couldn't resist it- am so glad I bought it. I loved these poems when I was little and this book and the illustrations are just gorgeous. Definitely a book to be treasured. I especially love the poem "The Seagull".

So I hope you enjoy my little round up for the week, hopefully it will be a semi- regular thing!

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Wellesley Science and Technology said...

Thanks for sharing Megan, I'm a teacher too and lovely reading and books. Will have to track down James K Baxter. Have you seen A Book is a Book by Jenny Bornholdt. I think this might appeal to you. Looking forward to more Fridays!

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