Friday, May 2, 2014

A Smiggle Cake

On Wednesday we had Amelie's 'Rainbow Art and Craft Party' which was a lot of fun. I spent a crazy amount of time planning for this party as it is part of my book project (I took 347 photos on the day of the party which would have to be the most I've taken in one day I think!!)  but one thing I 'outsourced' was a Smiggle Cake as Amelie would probably be one of Smiggle's biggest fans (which is quite funny because she's only actually been to a Smiggle store 3 times!) So the amazingly clever Shannon from TuiRose Cupcakes made another incredible cake

(she made this awesome make-up and jewellery box cake for Amelie's Girly Girl party last year)
so here are some pics to share with you…

Head on over and like Shannon's Facebook page to see more of her amazing creations and keep her in mind for your next celebration as she makes cakes for weddings/baby showers/60th birthdays…
(I use the word amazing a lot when I see Shannon's cakes, she really is so unbelievably talented) 

And here is a sneak peek photo from the party that I'll be using for my book proofs- this is one of my favourite photos…I can't wait to share more as it was a lot of fun- a colourful party that will appeal to any arty crafty fan! 

Megan x


gretbert said...

So cute - how exciting that you are working on a book!

shannon smith said...

thank you for sharing my cakes! i also cant wait to buy this book of yours. i use your mousehouse site as inspiration heaps and always love how crafty and creative you are!!! thanks again. xx

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