Thursday, February 23, 2012

my creative space: a fabric bookmark

Finally a creative space post- a little something I made the other evening for my nearly 5 year old Amelie. I have been really looking forward to reading chapter books with Amelie so I thought I'd make a little fabric bookmark to mark the occasion so to speak!  I received this amazing bag of scrap fabric from Nin last week as part of her 'Scrap Bag Swap'- what a treat to go through all the gorgeous fabrics.
Amelie and I had heaps of fun choosing our favourites- there was some debate going on in regards to some of the fabrics that we both wanted for our stash's (yes Amelie has a stash already ;) so I used some of the fabrics she chose for the front of the book mark...
..and this beautiful yellow fabric for the back- we both love this fabric :)
Thank you so much again Nin for the fabric, and for organising such a great swap. Check out Nin's blog as she has made a Scrap Bag Swap Tutorial page - there are lots of great ideas for things to do with fabric scraps.

I made a pile of the chapter books I want to read with Amelie first- most of them from when I was a child hence the tattered look of them! The only one missing is Pippi Longstocking which I will need to buy as that is one of my favourite books- I have very happy memories reading about Pippi's adventures.
Here's my list if you are wanting some ideas for chapter books for your children...
And just had to share this- if you are wanting something to keep the kiddies amused for a while- read them this picture book...
then give them a basket tied onto a rope and loop it over something like this or a tree branch and show them how to pull the basket up and down like a pulley just like in the story. The girls spent nearly an hour (honestly!) filling up the baskets and pulling them up and down!!
Would love to hear of your favourite children's novels or authors :)
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Megan x


  1. What lovely fabric!! And I love that pile of books. I honestly look forward to reading our girls chapter books too. I read almost all of your list when I was young and LOVED them all :) Great idea with the lighthouse keeper's lunch too!

  2. I can't wait until we are at the chapter books stage - I was a big reader as a child and you mention so of my very favourites there.

    p.s. - I had such fun going through my scrap mountain with the laptop open on your blog trying to work out what you would like, I'm really pleased I got some right!!

  3. oh you have just reminded me of Mr Pepperpot!!! awww
    had totally forgotten

  4. Lovely bookmark, and I love that Amelie has her own stash! Ha, my Carly would be into that. We too have read the Lighthouse Keeper books recently, they are brilliant - they do a lot of eating don't they? So far we have read many Roald Dahl books together, and more recently Milly Molly Mandy. Recently we had a go at the original Paddington Bear stories by Michael Bond - they were a little hard going, a bit wordy, but Carly enjoyed all the extra detail. I'm going down the Enid Blyton road next I think.

  5. What a pretty bookmark. I think I need one of them for me:) Have lots of fun reading together, it's quite exciting when they move from picture books to chapter books.

  6. Gorgeous bookmark. And thanks for the list of chapter books!

  7. A lovely bookmark Megan - they would make lovely gifts - especially with a book you were buying for someone.
    I LOVED Pippi Long-stocking when I was wee - she had freckles like me so I was very taken with the story :-)

  8. What gorgeous fabrics Nin sent you! Books that I loved when I was little were "The Phoenix and the Carpet" or any E. Nesbit books, "the Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett and "The Princess and the Goblin" by George Macdonald. Enjoy reading together!

  9. Fabulous fabric!! Just reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my two - and we're all loving it!

  10. So pretty, love the fabrics :)

    I have just bought Pippi Longstocking and Milly Molly Mandy on trademe for my Miss 5 too, and I can not wait until we can do Anne of Green Gables because that was my most favourite ever. I also liked The Borrowers.

  11. We've had great joy with Charlotte's web and Fantastic Mr Fox and Paddington Bear (the chapter book) both as audio books. I have VERY fond memories of the Little House On the Prairie books and can't wait to read the narnia books to my boys

  12. I have a wee Miss 5 with red hair and freckles so we love Pippi Longstocking too, it has been read several times over. We have a gorgeous version illustrated by Lauren Child, don't know who loves it more!

  13. Very sweet bookmark. That'd be a great little present for the readers in your life. Hmmm...might have to keep that in mind for Christmas! I'm getting ready to start photographing some vintage books for my blog. I was happy to see your sweet little stack here!

  14. I used to love Mrs Pepperpot books when I was small, I didn't know they were still around! George's Marvelous Medicine was my favourite Roald Dahl book :o) Beautiful bookmark - I will have to make one, I always end up using receipts or bits of envelope!


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