Monday, June 21, 2010

Four ways with a crochet flower and a tutorial

I love the last page in "Your Home and Garden' (NZ) magazine each month -"Four Ways With...' - lots of creative crafty ideas and little projects.
So after emailing this lovely crafter my crochet flower pattern she gave me the idea of writing my own 
'Four ways with ...a crochet flower'.

1. Decorate a woolly hat  (I bought the hat for $1 from the Bethlehem Market -bargain!)
2. Make a little brooch ( I found these brooch backers at a bead shop in Tauranga)
3. Embellish a granny square
4. Make a crochet flower hair-clip
A few people have asked where I found the pattern for my crochet crochet class teacher showed us how to make them in our first class so here are the instructions for any beginner crochet crafters like me!

How to crochet a small daisy flower
1. Chain 4
2. Do a slip stitch to make the chain into a ring (put your hook through the first chain stitch you did and hook the wool through that stitch and the stich on your hook) 
3. Wiggle your little finger through the ring you have made to make the hole a bit bigger and easier to see
4. Do a treble stitch into the hole (UK/AUS treble)
5. Do 2 more treble stitches into the hole (each set of 3 trebles makes a petal)
6. Now slip stitch by putting your hook through the hole, hooking the wool and pulling it through the hole and under stitch on your hook
7. Do 3 trebles into the hole again then another slip stich
8. Do 3 trebles and another slip stitch
9. Do 3 trebles then another slip stitch
10. Do 3 trebles- you should have 5 'petals' now 
11. Slip stitch into centre and fasten off/

I've made a pdf of the tutorial with step by step photo's that you can download or print here.

And for more crochet inspiration here are some clever people to visit... (she has a lovely giveaway at the mo)

Megan x
PS: I'd love to hear of any more flower ideas and does anyone have a link to a pattern to make a bigger flower?
PPS: Go the All Whites!!


sewfunky said...

I must go buy me that issue of the your home and garden mag! :D


emerson-j said...

i am just learning to crochet and am finding way harder than knitting!! i must have the tension wrong because its just messy...when i get better i will try the flower as it will look great on the hats and socks i knit my baby, thanx for the ideas.

Jenny said...

I just learned how to make crochet flowers as well! It's so much fun!

I made a baby hat recently (pic is on my blog) and made a small pink flower (using a 4.5mm hook) then wanted a bigger, white flower to sit behind it... I used a bigger hook to start with (5.5mm) and just sort of figured it out by creating a regular crochet circle (using DC stitches) and grouping them in sets of 2 or 3 (can't remember) with a single chain in between, so that by the end the circle had 5 little gaps in it... then on my next round I followed the same petal pattern I had used on my small flower, working the petals into the 5 gaps in the circle. So if you are going to be sewing little flowers on top of bigger ones, you can always just do a simple crocheted circle for the middle of your big flower since that won't be seen behind the little one, and the big petals will display nicely behind your little flower.

Just re-read that, I hope I make sense! I don't know what all the technical terms are :o)

angelina said...

megan: i'm so glad we connected, you are a lovely friend! as for the crochet...i could not , for the life of me , do the granny square. i tried so many times. i feel like such a failure :(((. you are so smart! i just love your little flowers. happy day to you my dear !

Ana said...

You can just use a REALLY HUGE hook too and use the same pattern - because your flower will be so much bigger you'll still be able to attach smaller flowers in the centre if that's what you plan to do. You can also try crocheting REALLY loosely with a bigger hook, or using the next stitch up - a double treble (double crochet for the US), or more stitches per petal ie. 4 instead of 3 trebles, or using thicker or fluffier wool/yarn like Mohair or Nylon/Polyester for a bigger more bodied flower OR all these things! I suggest using regular plain 8 ply acrylic for practising and experimenting with different flower patterns until you're comfortable with them and then move onto the thicker, fluffier stuff cos they're a nightmare to undo! You can also get thicker, more sturdy flowers by using double yarn (two strands together).

Cat said...

Thank you Megan for the flower tutorial. I've just started learning to crochet and I would love to start making some of those cute little flowers. I really like the little brooch you made, very sweet. :)

Lis said...

Your Home & Garden is awesome, the stuff is so do-able! So cute that she insisted on wearing a crown underneath for her photo. I love how little ones know their own mind so strongly even though it can drive us crazy sometimes. Great tutorial, I have yet to try crochet yet but it's on the list :)

Cotton Kiwi said...

Thanks Megan! I'll look forward to making a few of these. They look gorgeous.

Ana said...

Just popping back in cos I said that the US equivalent for a double treble was a double crochet - I messed up - I actually meant to say that it's a treble. So just came back to clear that up cos I'm pedantic like that ;)

Anonymous said...

thank you for the link to my blog!!! Your flower is very sweet... I highly recommend buying the book "crochet bouquet" by Suzann Thompson... it cost $40 NZD and is just so great and easy to follow.... she also has a blog with pics, theres a link on my page, check it out! Have a lovely lovely day XX

Anonymous said...

Really lovely Megan - I especially love the brooch. You clever little crafter you! Hope you're having a great weekend.

Chic Mother and Baby said...

New follower - our blog readers will love your blog, will have to do a second round of blog heroines very soon :)

Aims said...

Amelie makes me smile every day. A crown! xx

MooBear Designs said...

I just learnt the basics of crochet and I reckon I could totally make a small flower like that!! My first real project YAY!! I'll let you know how I go!!

Xo Steph

Make handmade said...

So cute! i love it.

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