Monday, November 8, 2010

a handmade christmas stocking

 I had a lovely crafty christmas morning on Saturday with a few friends. It was great enjoying a cuppa and some baking (kid free!!),  sharing ideas for some christmas crafts and getting started on a few projects. There was a cute top being made for a 7 year old using shirring elastic (which looked so easy I can't wait to give it a go), a lovely navy and white spot apron whipped up, and for me a start on a christmas stocking for Stella.  It was so nice hearing the sewing machines going and chatting away, definitely a lovely way to spend a morning!
I made this stocking out of cotton duck which I love the look of especially when it's been washed- it looks a bit like antique linen. I went for a bit of a vintage look to the stocking so the girls will hopefully keep them for ever- I still use my stocking that my mum's friend made us when we were little!
I used a pinky red gingham for the top, some lace trim and a lovely floral fabric for the star which was appliqued with the S. I lined the stocking and added some ric rac too. To make the stocking I just  used the same tutorial I've used before from Ruby in the Dust for a child's satchel bag but without the straps and a stocking shape instead!
Lots of fabrics and trims to choose from here...onto Amelie's next! 
And if you are looking for some christmas craft inspiration my crafty friend Rosie forwarded this link to me
Have a great week, thanks for visiting!


clare said...

Thanks for that link Megan - just what I needed to get my butt into gear for some Xmas makin' :)
I think stockings will be first on my list - your's is gorgeous! xo

Notchka said...

I haven't started mine yet - better get cracking. I still use the one my grandmother made for me, its a lovely tradition don't you think?

Cal said...

Love the stocking, and its vintage look! Wonderful! So both the star and the S were appliqueed?

Cathie said...

thanks for the link Megan!
I was thinking about christmas for the first time yesterday, it still hasn't hit me to prepare anything.
love your stocking & I am looking forward to making my first ever christmas stocking..yay!!

JoyLeanne said...

such a cute stocking

Bellgirl said...

How inspiring! I'm about to make a stocking for my Bug, so I've been looking out for beautiful designs. My stocking from childhood had red ricrac too, but very sadly it went missing a couple of years ago, sniff!

gaijinwife said...

beautiful. I bet they do keep them. We always just had leg warmers with rubber bands tied round one end :)

Ruby in the Dust said...

lovely! I'm glad that tutorial is so versatile :)

BigLittle said...

Stella's stocking looks so gorgeous! I have had stockings on my to-do list for a while, but you have inspired me to push them closer to the front of the list!

Carmel's Closet said...

How beautiful - to be treasured forever - a stockingful of memories for the future.

Anonymous said...

That really is beautiful, you're so clever Megan. I think I'll have to throw out my store bought ones and make some too x

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