Thursday, September 15, 2011

mini ABC drawers for kids

Well, you voted for it so here it is! I ran a little poll on my mousehouse facebook page to find out what you wanted to see next on my blog and this project won. It was close though, 4 votes for this and 3 for an 'organised home challenge' post - although I haven't actually done that yet so it was lucky this activity won as with the week I'm having it'll be a good while before I can get an organised home project done!
I saw this cute project on the awesome blog Itty Bitty Love and loved it straight away-I love making 'teach-ery' type things and this project also appealed to my filing and organising tendancies hehe.  I think some of my teacher friends might like this in their classroom too- would be great as a reading activity or a choosing activity on a Friday afternoon maybe.
I found my mini drawers from Mitre 10 Mega for $20.  Places like Payless Plastics, Plastic Box, Bunnings or maybe even Supercheap Auto or Repco have them too- any hardware type store probably. I had to get a 25 drawer one in the end as the 30 drawer one was quite a lot more $$ so I just combined X and Y in one drawer. I got the ABC stickers and the picture stickers from The Warehouse. I didn't actually have to go and buy any of the things to go in the drawers as I had heaps of stuff in my craft stash (I'd bought a few things a while ago to make a i-spy bag that I haven't got around to yet from a shop here in Tauranga -'AJ's emporium'.)
Amelie had heaps of fun too going around the house finding things too- it was pretty funny hearing her walking around the house going d d d dice!! b b b bead!! She was very excited to say the least :) It's a really neat way to teach letter sounds and a great activity for those 'kinesthetic learners" - there's some teacher-speak for you ;) And it took ages for her to put all of the things into each drawer- always a good thing! 
With Jack already rolling a bit and managing to wiggle himself around a full 180 on his back we are having to be super careful with little things lying around now so I'm keeping this in a cupboard and Amelie just plays with it when Stella and Jack are asleep.  Some of the things she does is take everything out, mix them all up and put them all back again (love that one!), sorts the objects into colours, goes outside and finds things for the drawers like shells, stones, leaves etc, and just general playing.  
Thanks Anne for a great idea!
Megan x
PS: Amelie drew the winner of the Katherine Mansfield book just now- the winner is 'Time for a Little Something'.


Rochelle's Lenz said...

Ahh Megan! I have just sat down after feeding a hungry baby, dropping off my toddler to Nana's giving the house a quick tidy - the whole time thinking...I need to get onto the crafts for Es room (which I did not get to do before her early arrival) so her room stops being bland and well time is flying by, and yet you post another lovely idea!!!! May be could you bottle up and sell me some of your energy and excellent time management?? Love this post as I do all the others

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh what a brilliant idea! I am currently teaching my youngest her sounds and beginning reading so this would be perfect. I must go and find some drawers. We have so many little bits and pieces that I was hoping to sort through, now I know what to do with them. Thanks so much!

Hana said...

Super-cool idea! I think I'm going to have to give this one a go. I love how tactile it is... thanks for sharing crafty lady!! H xo

Craftysquirrel said...

Ha that's funny I just read about this idea in the weekend at

This morning I went to mitre 10 to check out boxes ( good old queenstown tho - $37.50 for the same box!) will check else where as looks like I may well get one cheaper. It's such a great idea - like the warehouse letters I was going to print out and tape mine on but yours looks better (& easier).

gretbert said...

My daughter would love this, what an awesome idea, yours is so cute!

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

That is such a clever idea!! Love it!

Unknown said...

Love love love this idea ! Want to make it right now but it is 10.00pm ! Then you could play cool games like 'guess the word ' by making a word with an object for each letter ! Wish I had this when I was a 'real teacher ' ha !

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