Thursday, April 26, 2012

my creative space: school books

Well my big 5 year old is on to day 3 of school today and wow it has been busy! My fantasy of life getting a bit easier with one at school has been completely turned on its head... getting two, sometimes three kids out the door before the 9am drop off and back at 3 has been a real challenge for me so far! Jack's afternoon sleeps have had to completely change and I actually think I am going to have less time not more because of that! School is going great though and she is very happy so that's good and I'm sure once I get used to it all things will settle down a bit (I hope!)
Anyway, on to my creative space- this was something I did last week that was soooo enjoyable- covering school books. Yes I hear you say - how can that be enjoyable but I really did enjoy doing this- probably helped that I set my little space up with a coffee and the sky remote too!
I had been thinking about how to cover Amelie's school books for a while as I love the creative aspect of this (any excuse to get a bit crafty) and the novelty of covering school books for the first time. I was actually going to cover them in fabric after seeing these great posts from Cotton Kiwi and Ruby in the Dust.

But then I saw some book covers on the amazing Facebook page of Fairy Dust Stationery. Toni designed and printed out her own covers for her daughters school books and folders and covered them with clear duraseal.  I thought this was such a great idea as well - duraseal is not very eco-friendly but having seen how school books get treated it does appeal to keep the books in tact and waterproof! (I used to teach kids who had books covered in wallpaper which looked really great but didn't last long- it would end up ripped and tattered really quickly.) And I loved the idea of designing covers with her name and colours and pictures that I knew Amelie would like.

But life got a bit busy and then I had a brainwave- using my stash of scrapbooking and art paper and card that I have been collecting for ever.  I keep everything for my art/card stash- invitations, cards, packaging, magazine pictures, paint sample cards...anything that catches my eye really.

So in the end I chose some of the papers and card that I knew she would like,  cut them to fit the different school books and stuck them on using a glue stick (I only covered the front of the school books). Then I covered the whole book with clear duraseal. I had 6 books to do and all up this only took me less than an hour.  I also added cute stickers to some of the books and the name labels from Stuck On You (thanks for the advice re: school labels on my facebook page) before covering with the duraseal.
For one of the books I had fun doing a bit of 'patchwork'...
and for one I had this collage picture in my stash that I made about 4 years ago and had never framed so on it went!
I couldn't label the books for each subject as I wasn't sure what each book was going to be for so I added a blank label sticker to the top of each book after covering them.  I got the labels from this gorgeous sticker book "Crafty Stickers" from Book Depository. 
Another fun idea would be to use your children's art works or get them to design their own covers for each book if they're a bit older or use photo's- cut them to fit the book and cover with the clear duraseal- they would love that I'm sure. I still love the fabric idea as well so will keep that in mind for other things like having a special writing or drawing book for home maybe.
And I have to share this great tip from my friend Kylie for school- keep a jar with coins in it - because if you are anything like me you will never have cash in your wallet and there is always something your child will need $$ for school- mufti days, shows, trips, fundraisers etc. And they'll tell you just as you're leaving the house in the morning!
And thank you for all the great ideas about meal planning in my last post Organised Home Challenge: Meal Planning. Using the winner of the tea towel set is Number 10- Miriam! Email me your address Miriam and I'll post the tea towels to you :)
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Megan x


Leonie said...

They look great!

Miriam said...

Love the books and the change idea is a great one too. I know what you mean about realising you don't actually have a chuck of free time - the pick ups and drop offs do really cut the day up

meg said...

Why have I not had a school money jar? That is such a great idea. And your books look great too :o)

CHD said...

I love the school money jar- with 3 school kids I never have enough change when needed (often at short notice). Must get me one.

I love the care and thought gone into your daughters books too. Especially the elephant. My poor kids just get duraseal on everything, but now I have a mountain of books to cover. Might get them more involved next time. I thought life would be less busy when my kids went to school, but I was wrong!

Thanks for the great ideas. Cx

Lesley said...

Great post Megan. I have always been a fan of the duraseal-over-collage concept and spent much of my high school years covering books and folders in this way. Such a personal statement! This year I used tinkerbell wrapping paper and duraseal for Carly's books, to her delight. And it's so easy for them to recognise their own books in the pile.

flowerpress said...

Very cute Megan, glad to hear school is going well :-)

Notchka said...

Duraseal - man that takes me back. I used to love getting creative with my covers when I was young. Its nice to take the time, since she sees them all year. Thanks for the tip on the crafty stickers - that one is going on the wishlist.

Also its awesome you are doing more Organised Home posts - its totally inspired me!

Unknown said...

They look so cool! I wanted to cover my daughters in fabric, but she wouldn't let me :(

Ruby in the Dust said...

your collage idea is great, Megan. and to be honest, I think duraseal over paper is probably going to be more hard-wearing than my fabric covers! Do you know what a coin jar would also be good for? in our house, the tooth fairy has been known to run out of change and a 'school jar' would have helped enormously :)

Hana said...

Megan, I'm so glad school is going well! Bummer about the naptime though! I have no idea how I'm going to manage getting three out the door on time when the time comes for Ava to start school later this year!! The books are absolutely gorgeous - I love your patchwork one... and your spare change jar is fantastic - definitely going to put that one into action!!

Sweet Living magazine said...

So cute!

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