Friday, May 17, 2013

A Girly Girl Party: Goodie bags + present ideas

Well it's been a little while since I wrote a blog post but I've finally got a chance to write about the goodie bags I made up for Amelie's 'Girly Girl' party. I really love making up goodie bags-it's one of my favourite party things probably!  I love finding little things that go really well with the party theme and putting them all together so here are the details if you are interested in a girly girl party for your girly girl...
I found the pink boxes from Poppy Seed.  I was actually searching for a handbag shaped one but didn't have any luck so these gable style boxes were the next best thing- still pretty cute!  I made the tags on each box by cutting some of the glitter card I used for the invitations into a luggage tag shape and glued on a pink circle and a gem stone sticker from Spotlight. 
Here are the things I put in each box- I didn't want to put actual make-up in the box but still stick to the party theme so this is what I came up with...
* a lipstick pen- I found these  on Trade Me- they were perfect for the party theme and were only $1 each. I can't find them on Trade me anymore from the same seller- I can only find this one selling for a lot more, hopefully the original seller will re list some if you are interested in them
I also put in
*a packet of lolly fruit charms- from the supermarket
*a packet of Hello Kitty Biscuits- from the supermarket
*sheet of make-up stickers- from a pad I bought at Spotlight for $2

And if you were after some present ideas for a 6 year old girl then these were a few of Amelie's favourite pressies....
Geleez sticker activity pack- these stickers are so cool- you use the special gel paints to colour them in and then stick them wherever you want- they are reusable so can be removed easily. I got the pack from The Warehouse but they are easily found online as well. Probably Amelie's favourite pressie!
I bought this book from Book Depository after seeing it on Pinterest- a very cute book for a girl who has a favourite outfit she wears over and over again like Amelie does!
I bought this from Book Depository as well as Amelie is Rainbow Magic obsessed- only $10 and full of activities, colouring and stickers

And these cool colouring in bags have been really popular as well- the brand is Cra-Z Art and they're at The Warehouse.

Well thats the end of my Girly Girl Party Posts - I hope you enjoyed reading about it and getting some ideas for your own parties :)

Megan x


gretbert said...

You did a great job, lucky girls! I will have to look for that sticker set

Leonie said...

Such fun goodie bags Megan! Love all the thought and care that went into the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. If I had been at the party (and age 6.. oh how I wish again..!!) I would have loved these party bags. Really well thought out and just so perfect for a little girl. Love the pressie ideas too. Now I just wish I had a little girl to plan a party for ...

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