Thursday, January 19, 2017

Snow globe postcards

After seeing this idea for Snow globe postcards on this great website ....

I thought it would be fun for my class to create their own as part of our learning about the Olympics last year. The students chose a country that was competing in the Olympics and researched that country. They then had to write a postcard to friends or family back home pretending they were having a holiday in their chosen country.
For the front of the postcard they created a snow globe effect by drawing a picture representing their country, then adding a layer of clear plastic (I cut up the pages from an old clear file). This was filled with glitter and stars, then the top cover was stuck on with the snow globe shape cut out of it.

I displayed their writing by giving each student a sheet of bright A4 paper with a small peg hot glue gunned onto it- this worked really well as the kids could take their postcards off to read each others or show their parents.

I'm going to use this writing display idea again this year but this time I'm going to give them a blank sheet of white A4 card with a frame on it and the students can decorate and personalise their frames before adding the peg on (will share pics when done).

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