Monday, January 25, 2010

Lo♥e my cloth nappies!

A friend of mine put me onto Honeychild nappies a while ago and I just love them- wish I had used them with my first baby but didn't really think about it then to be honest.  I have got 6 so I use one at night for my toddler and the others in the day for my baby. I still use disposables for her afternoon sleep and night sleep.  I've also started using little baby flannels and a homemade baby wipes recipe - even though my hubbie still prefers the disposable wipes we buy them rarely now as opposed to buying them weekly!
Here is my baby wipes recipe- I just put it straight into a spray bottle which I then spray onto a flannel when I am changing her.

Megan's Baby Wipes recipe 
(for small sprayer bottle)
2 squirts baby bathwash
2 squirts baby oil
1 or 2 drops of essential oil- I use lavender and tea tree oil
Fill up rest of bottle with water and shake to combine 

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Anonymous said...

Hey Megan - Wow I love your blog. Such awesome and useful information!! You are very talented, and never cease to amaze me. I especially love your plastic lining nappy bags. Well I will have to keep 'popping' in and checking out what you get up to each week. Keep up the great work - Ange B

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