Thursday, February 4, 2010

thrifty + crafty gifts for a small boy

I have been busy today finishing off my handmade gifts for my toddler's friend Alex. I found two blue check pillowcases at the Salvation Army which have been perfect for these gifts. First I appliqued a pillowcase with his name and a couple of stars (I used a cookie cutter for the star stencil). Then I appliqued a tshirt from Baby Factory. I made some shorts from my hubby's old t-shirt from this great tutorial   If someone had told me a month ago that I would be able to sew a pair of shorts I would have been amazed but this tutorial does make it seem quite easy. I also made him a softie using the two pillowcases, a bit of felt and ricrac.  I have had heaps of fun practicing some of my new crafty skills and it's been a great 'saving money' pressie too as the only things I needed to buy were the white t-shirt and the pillowcase.

Some things I've learnt/need to do next time

  • when doing the applique do everything in order using the same colour thread so you don't have to keep re-threading the machine for all the different bits
  • I need to adjust the pattern for the shorts - they are a bit short in the crotch!
  • learn how to ladder stitch to close my softie opening
  • be more careful sewing around the rounded bits on the top of the softie
  • check that the iron is clean before ironing onto white fabric!!
  • meausure twice before cutting
I am going to make a label and call the gifts a "Time For Bed" parcel :)



Jen said...

I bet hell love that pillowcase

very impressed with the shorts :)

and that softie is just waiting to be hugged :)

Widge said...

wow what great things! well done!! I would be super stoked to have my kids receive a gift like this :)

Domestic Goddess said...

Brilliant! Well done - I especially admire the way you are growing your sewing skills via tutorials - fantastic! Love your tips/things you learnt too.You made me laugh and reminded me that our dear, old retired builder buddy always says 'Measure twice, cut once.'

PaisleyJade said...

What a wonderful gift - and thanks for those very cool tips (I've learnt the hard way with a dirty iron on white fabric!!!).

Anonymous said...

That's amazing. I would not have guessed you were a novice! What a lovely personal gift!

Jacqui said...

What a great gift! Little boys are so much harder to make things for and I think you've done super well assembling it all! With the softie, it looks mostly like it just needed a bit of clipping of the seam allowance around the curves, that's the usual reason for it pulling like that, not bad sewing.

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