Thursday, July 29, 2010

my creative space: a starfish softie

Just a quick creative space today...I got a request for a soft toy starfish the other day so I used one of the girls stick-on bath toys for the design and made it up last night. I like his cheeky smile :)
For more creative spaces head to Kirsty's  here


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wine bags and gift boxes

A few weeks ago a friend Jon at Rothbury Financial Services in Tauranga asked if there was anything I could make up to give as a 'client thank -you gift'.  After some brainstorming we came up with the idea of the wine bag so I set about finding a tutorial for one. I came across this one which was great- really easy to follow.
I made up a quick one in the Rothbury colours- it's insulated with some insul-brite which makes it a good practical gift.
But after thinking about it some more we realised that with the materials and time it wasn't really that cost effective so we decided to make up gift boxes instead.  I found some lovely cardboard tray type boxes and I'm sewing a cloth napkin to go in the box with a cheese knife and lots of other goodies.
Jon's lucky clients!

The good thing about making the wine bag was that I've now got a present for Dad for Christmas this year.  I really want to have a handmade christmas this year and it's always tricky thinking of things to make for the guys so this wine bag will be a goodie! 
Does anyone have any other ideas for crafty gifts for men?
I found this tutorial for a boxed toilet bag which would also make a good 'man gift' but I would love any more ideas :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

I ♥ Miffy

I found some great bargains at the second- hand babies and kids shop "Zero to Five" the other day so I thought I'd share them with you. I went in there with my sister in law  and just as we were leaving I spotted this adorable Miffy bag. I love Miffy books and toys-just the other day I found some Miffy books in the same shop so I sent one to Angela for the Vintage Baby swap and kept the other one for the girls.
Anyway, back to the bag- can you believe it was only $3.40 and it's so cool- it has opening windows and doors, some rattle and squeaker toys, its own little washing line (cute!!!) and even a little mirror and a fluffy cloud.

Don't you love it when you find something like that for such a great price!
I also found this when I got the books the other day-  a pencil case type thing full to the brim with crayons for $4.20 so I had to get that too. 
Once they've all worn down a bit I'd like to have a go at making these from Cat Taylor's blog.

If you're a Dick Bruna fan you might like to check out Maika Creation's blog. Caroline is recreating a Dick Bruna alphabet frieze in fabric and every week she posts a new letter- check out her creations here.

And this Miffy website is really cute for the kids in your house...

I've started a little list of "Cool Kids websites" down the side of my blog-if you've got any sites that your kids love to visit let me know and I'll add them. So far I've just got got the Miffy one, and I especially like sites linked to authors or illustrators/artists but any links would be great :) 
Head over to here to see more thrifty finds...

Friday, July 23, 2010

vintage baby swap goodies

I definitely had luck on my side when Stella from A Very Dark Horse paired me up with Angela from Striking Keys for the vintage baby swap. I received the most amazing box of goodies the other day, so I thought I'd share them with you. Everything was beautifully wrapped or decorated with a little note about each thing- Angela is one clever creative lady!
How cool is this wooden iron
Cute wooden toy handmade in Mosgiel
Retro sewing badges- love them!
 A book and a wee knitted bird
The cutest little vintage outfit- can't wait to put Stella in this come spring
Some lovely soaps and a little heart decoration
And a wooden recipe holder and stickers too- didn't I hit the jackpot!! 
Thank you so much Angela, I was blown away with all the lovely things. And thanks Stella for organising such a cool swap - yay for blogger swaps!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

giveaway winner...

My mousehouse assistant helped with the draw tonight.....
....lots of entries! thank you everyone for your lovely comments :)
Time to mix the entries up
'Amelie' watching Amelie pick out the winner (covering one eye so there's no peeking!)...
...Congratulations Amber! these treats will be on their way to you :)
Thanks again everyone for entering, better luck next time!

Monday, July 19, 2010

my first stockist!

I got an email the other day from Sharon at Flax Gallery and Gifts in Bureta (Tauranga) asking if she could have a look at some of my waterproof purses for her gorgeous new shop.  The lovely Sarah from Songbird designs had told her about my purses (she has provided some cute- as button rings for Flax) so after visiting the shop I made up a few make-up bags using fabrics I thought suited Flax. It was very exciting to take them to the shop today- thanks Sharon for being my very first stockist!
The shop has an awesome range of NZ inspired art and design items, cool crafty things, jewellery and loads more...  and she makes a good coffee too!
And if you haven't entered already, it's the last day to enter my giveaway tomorrow, entries close 7pm NZ time and I'll draw the winner either tomorrow night or Wednesday morning.
PS: I just read this very funny post from this clever lady, have a read...

Friday, July 16, 2010

watching, reading, eating and crafting

Well it's been a busy old week here so I thought I'd share some of the things I've been up to...
-this brilliant french movie that's on at Rialto at the moment- a real edge of your seat thriller
Anything For Her Poster
-my new book from my hubby "Blackwork- Fifty Simple Embroidery Projects in traditional black and white" that was featured in last week's Viva- I haven't done any counted cross stitch type embroidery so I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

-these delicious passionfruit cupcakes thanks Jaime!
-crocheting borders on my granny squares
-putting some custom orders together - a make up bag and a baby's toilet bag
Hope you have all had a good week too and thanks for the lovely comments about my giveaway!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new name and a giveaway

Well I've finally decided to change the name of my blog to 'mousehouse' seeing as it's a little confusing having mousehouse, Simple Pleasures and domesticblissnz all on my blog! I can't change the URl (although I have got which redirects to my blog) but at least my blog name and felt shop are the same now.
So I thought I'd have a little giveaway to celebrate my new name, the fact that this is my 100th post and it's my birthday this week too!
I've had heaps of fun gathering up a few goodies for this giveaway...if you are a stationery fiend like me I think you'll like it :)
My mousehouse giveaway prize includes
- a mousehouse waterproof zip purse in 'yellow flower' with a hot pink zip
-an Orla Kiely notepad
-a Belle & Boo badge
-blue and white 'Katy Did' bakers twine
-a roll of 'deco' Kozo tape
-a spotty pencil and a pink soccer ball eraser
-two sheets of cute animal stickers
-a hippo cardboard cut out animal from here to put together
-a pack of 30 'cellobags' to make your own greeting card/gift card packs or whatever else you fancy!
To enter all you have to do is...
-leave a comment on this post telling me your favourite mousehouse zip purse in my Felt shop. If you don't have a blog you are still welcome still enter, just leave your email address in your comment. International entries welcome too.

For extra entries if you want you can
-follow my blog
-'like' my mousehouse facebook page
-tweet about this giveaway mentioning @megsmousehouse
-put my giveaway button on your blog
Just let me know in the comments section- each one above gets you an extra entry :)
Giveaway will close in a week - Tuesday 20th July at 7pm NZ time.
I'm really enjoying having a blog so I thought I'd write a list of some of the things I love about joining all the crafty bloggers out there...
*taking part in swaps like the pin cushion swap and the vintage baby swap
*winning blog giveaways
*being part of a community that I didn't realise existed until I started blogging,  and meeting new people online and in real life
*taking part in fun things like this and this
*getting amazing inspiration and ideas for crafty projects
*being able to ask for advice on things like getting a walking foot, easy recipe ideas, book ideas etc
*having a place to record all my own lists and ideas - a bit like an online scrapbook
*sharing my ideas with others and getting lovely feedback about them
*looking at the world in a different way, noticing things I might not have before I had a blog
*a record/journal for my girls to read one day

Good luck with the giveaway!
Edit: just looked again and I've actually only written 95 posts,  I added up the wrong numbers!

Monday, July 12, 2010

a random book post

I've been taking a few photo's of books I've read or used lately so I thought I'd just put them all together in a completely random book post....
My mum sent me this book the other week-I love it when people use really simple things to create clever design ideas (and I'm a big lego fan!)
tee hee
I spotted this book "Simple Softies" in the latest issue of Good Magazine- I want to get it just for the cat and the flower on the cover- that cat is so cute!
My crafting obsession has even gone to novels now as well as crafting books. I really enjoyed reading 'The Beach St Knitting Society and Yarn Club' and 'The Friday Night Knitting Club' earlier this year and I found these two books at the library the other day. 
My hubby couldn't help sniggering when he saw the 'knitting mystery' logo on the book 'Dropped Dead Stitch' but it was okay for an easy read.  At the moment I'm reading "Knitting"by Australia author Anne Bartlett and I'm really enjoying it- not your average knitting club type book at all.  Would love to hear of any other crafting type novels/authors anyone has enjoyed.

And we had a big cleaning day at home the other weekend (even my hubby commmented that the house was getting a bit out of control with piles of fabric and other assorted stuff everywhere) so I went mad cleaning all morning- even cleaning the wooden blinds which hadn't been dusted since we moved in over 2 years ago! I remembered a tip from Shannon Lush on the TV programme 'Lush House' last year (which was one of my fav programmes!) and made some blind cleaners from tongs and a sponge which you dip into warm tea and wipe along the blinds- it worked a treat.
And if you're wondering what thats got to do with books my hubby gave me Shannon's book "Spotless" one Valentines Day!
So there you go, I told you it was a bit random!
Megan x
PS: I just saw on Google that Julia Roberts is making a movie of 'The Friday Night Knitting Club'  so that'll be one to look out for :)
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