Monday, April 11, 2011

pom pom easter chicks

I saw these pom pom easter chicks a few years ago in an issue of Littlies magazine. I searched on their website for the tutorial (they have heaps of great tutorials here) but couldn't find it so here's a quick pom pom tutorial if you're keen to make an easter chick or two for your little ones, or a crafty easter activity to do in the school holidays for older children.
1. Draw a big circle with a smaller circle inside x 2 (I used a can and a spice jar). Next time I would use a smaller circle for the inner circle so it's a bit easier to keep the pom pom wool pieces together when cutting it.
2.  Cut around the outer circle and then cut out the inner circle x 2.
3. Cut lengths of wool into manageable lengths - a metre or two at a time. Place the two circles together and start winding wool around the circles as pictured.  Keep cutting lengths of wool and winding around the circles until completely covered.
5. (Above) and 6. Wedge your scissors between the two circles and cut through the wool, going right around the whole circle. Hold the circles together reasonably firmly as you do this to keep all the bits of wool together!
7. Cut a piece of wool (say 20 cms) and slide it between the two cardboard circles,  pull tightly, tie and knot. 
8. Slide cardboard circles off and fluff out pom pom, trimming it up if needed.
9. Cut out a circle and feet from a piece of card.
10.  Glue pom pom chick to the piece of card, cut out eyes and beak from felt and glue onto chick. Craft googly eyes would look great on the chick too instead of the felt ones (I need to get some!)

If you're in the mood for a bit of shopping instead of crafting though, here are some cute 'chick' easter treats...
(I came across this shop via this crafty Easter post from Monkeemoomoo)

Rabbit nesting toy from Cherish Child.
Well, no sign of baby yet- hopefully not too far away now!
Megan x


Katie said...

That chick is just too cute :-) I've got some yellow wool and that's the perfect thing to use it for!

Janine said...

oh your post takes me back to making these at primary school. Your chicks are so cute. Loving the progress on your book. The babushka's are so stinking cute!! Whoo hoo for peppermint paste. Now that we have moved and are 3/4 unpacked I am looking forward to making up a fresh batch of eco products for the home.

I have been compiling a list of chores that I want to complete in our new home. Still moving things around and deciding what needs to be organised whilst the list seems to be growing :-)

tartankiwi said...

Hopefully you are far too busy cuddling newborns to be bothered by this, but I'm awarding you a Kreativ Blogger Award (see I don't expect you to pass it on, I just thought I'd share the love and acknowledge the blogs that I love :-)

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