Thursday, October 20, 2011

A couple of baby shower games

My sister had her baby shower a few months ago now (she is now the proud mum of a baby boy so Jack has a boy cousin close in age which is great!) and I made a few games for it that I've been meaning to share here for a while now.  Both are nice and easy to prepare so they might come in handy if you've got a baby shower to organise soon.

The first one is a take on Pass the Parcel.  It's a great one to use as a bit of an ice breaker and to get to know everyone as well as hear a few stories from the guests. You wrap a little gift for the mum to be with the instruction "pass to the mum to be due to give birth on the ......." and then wrap layers with an instruction stuck to each layer - things like "pass to the person who had the longest labour", "pass to the person who went the most overdue" " pass to the person who has children closest in age" and others like "pass to the person who has the most brothers or sisters" or "pass to the person who was born overseas" to hopefully cover some of the people who don't have children so they don't feel left out!
You could stick a treat to each layer as well if you want.  I've made a google doc with the labels on it here (under the quiz questions and answers). You can use as many or few labels as you want the game to go for.
Amelie made some wrapping paper for me :)
I got the idea for this from when I was teaching- I used to play a pass the parcel game on the first day of term with things like "pass to the shortest/ tallest/ oldest/youngest person,  person with the most brothers/sisters/both, person with the longest hair, person with the youngest/oldest sibling etc- it was a great way to get to know the class. I've also done a version of it for a few hens nights- things like "pass the the person who ....has been married the longest/married the most recently/recently engaged/came from furtherest away to get here/known the bride- to -be the longest (other than mum/sister(s)!), has a funny or embarrassing story about the bride- to -be etc...

The other game is just a simple quiz I modified from a couple I found on the web. For this I just put everyone into pairs and gave them the question sheet which each pair filled in together and then I went through the answers at the end and gave a prize to the winning pair (you might want to have a few prizes in case there is more than one winning pair).  The sheet with the questions to give each pair is here and the sheet with the answers at the bottom is here

And if you've got a baby shower coming up here are a few gift ideas I've found on Felt ...
MissMollyCoddle Vintage Park Scene 0-6months shoes
Baby shoes Size 0-6 months from Miss Molly Coddle
Cheerful Chap in Yellow Rabbit
Cheerful chap in Yellow Rabbit from Little Minx
Baby hat - Blue stripes
Merino baby hat from Greenvalley Crafts
Peggy Square Baby Blanket
Peggy Square baby blanket from Peggy Square
Grab 'n' Go Nappy Clutch - Spa Damask
Nappy clutch from Little Peanut

Yay for babies! And thanks again for the comments and advice on Jack getting started on solids on my facebook page- it was so helpful and reassuring. I have gone with the great advice of giving him finger food instead of pureed food for now- just rusks the last few days which he's been loving and tonight we gave him some roast chicken and he loved it- it was very funny watching him try to get it in his mouth! Am not even going to try pureed foods for a few more weeks now and have got a baby led weaning book from a friend too so he may just end up being a finger food baby which will be very different from the girls. Awesome to get advice so quickly from other mums that have been there done that with their babies:)
Megan x


ccia said...

Hey Megan, thanks for the link you're so sweet. Glad to hear Jack had a go with some food!! xoxo

MissMollyCoddle said...

Hey, great ideas! My sister is due 2 weeks before me with her first, so will use your ideas for her shower. Thanks for the link to my felt shop too, was a pleasant surprise as I scrolled down. Glad Jack's happy with his finger food too :)

Naturally Carol said...

I like your bunch of cute gifts found on the internet. That's a clever game too, especially to break the ice. I hope your beaches get back to normal least before summer. It's such a shame about all the wildlife affected too. It's unbelievable, isn't it!

Mika said...

I love the idea of this game! How fun ;)

Nice to see other ideas on fun games to do at a baby shower. This way, you aren't constantly eating melted chocolate off nappies at every baby shower you go to ;) (although, it is a good laugh!)

I think I went to one, where you had to take off as many pegs off a "washing line" with only ONE hand. That was quite fun. We women get quite competitive ;)

Unknown said...

Great ideas for baby shower! My friend's going to have a celebration for her upcoming baby and I'm looking for some nice baby shower games to suggest. Thanks for sharing ideas.


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