Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sewing for beginners: Lesson two-a lavender sachet

Finally another beginners sewing tutorial- sorry it has taken so long! These lavender sachet's make lovely little gifts or a sweet thing to make for your little ones bed and they are a great way to use up any scraps of fabric you have.

You will need
  • Your chosen fabric- you could use the same fabric for the top and bottom of your sachet like mine or two different fabrics that complement each other.
  • Piece of card for template- you could use the same one as for the pin cushion if you made one.
  • Piece of ribbon for loop- mine is about 14 cm long. 
  • Button (optional)
  • Dried lavender- if you are lucky enough to have lots of lavender just pick some and put it in the hot water cupboard to dry-I think it takes about a week. We don't have a lot so I bought a bag from Trade me.  Markets are great places to find dried lavender too and also some health stores.

1. Make a template using a piece of card- mine is 17 cm by 12 cm.  Draw around it twice on your chosen fabric and cut out both pieces.
2. Place one of your pieces of fabric right side up. Fold your piece of ribbon in half and place it in the middle of the top of the fabric with the edges of the ribbon facing up and just over the top of the fabric - see pic above.
3. Place your second piece of fabric right side down on top of your other piece and pin where the ribbon is to keep it in place
4. Starting where the arrow is in the pic above, sew around your pieces, stopping roughly where the dot is above. This leaves a gap to fill your sachet.
5. Turn your sachet right sides out by pulling it through the gap.
6. Use a spoon or funnel to fill your sachet with lavender. I fill mine about half full to make it easy to top stitch around.
7. Starting just before the gap top stitch all the way around your sachet. This looks nice and closes the gap too without hand sewing - bonus!
8. If you would like to, stitch a button underneath the ribbon for decoration.
All done!  And here's an extra for experts- if you can make one of these then you can easily make a taggie toy- just cut more pieces of ribbon and place them around your fabric in the same way- 2 or 3 on each side, then sew in exactly the same way, leaving out the lavender stuffing step.  Use fabrics like satin on one side and fleece on the other - babies love those. Here's a great tutorial for a crinkle taggie toy if you would still like to see the instructions.
Next lesson- how to applique a store bought t-shirt or baby bodysuit- hopefully that won't take me as long to share!
Happy sewing,
Megan x

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fee @ chipper nelly said...

now this kind of tutorial is right up my beginner street (off to pin it)
Thanks for sharing - these will make great pressies for Christmas and use up some little bits of fabric in the large pile of little bits of fabric!
fee x

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