Saturday, January 25, 2014

Washi tape Kids Art and Craft ideas

Here's my next post as part of the Scotch® Expressions Tape "Make It Amazing"promotion -ideas for Kids Art and Craft using Scotch® washi tape and the new Scotch® magic tape- it's like sellotape but not as sticky so can be repositioned, and comes in a lovely matte finish. Here are some of the activities we've done in the last few weeks- if you want to get more ideas check out my pinboard 'I love washi tape' on Pinterest.

Washi Tape initial art
This is a fun activity- great for young children to learn the letter of their name and nice and easy to set up too!

On a piece of paper use washi tape (or low adhesive masking tape) to make the letter of their name.

Then draw/scribble all over the piece of paper

Gently peel off the washi tape (Tip:  put your fingers quite close to the tape as you are peeling it off and peel slowly)

Trim up the art work and use washi tape to make a frame to go around it. 

Washi Tape Band-aids

My kids have a bit of an obsession with bandaids so they loved making these- just stick a couple of strips of washi tape over the top of a bandaid, and then trim around the edge of the bandaid- easy and very cute!

Washi Tape Stickers
\This is my favourite art and craft activity- how cool to be able to make your own stickers!

You need some baking paper, washi tape and/or Scotch® magic tape and some craft punches. Simply cut the baking paper into manageable pieces, stick the tapes onto the pieces, and then punch out the shapes. Tip: for younger children you might need to do the punching part with the larger punches, and also be careful peeling off the baking paper so the sticker doesn't come apart - the close you tape the strips together the better it will be for the sticker to stay together.

We used some heart stickers to decorate this plastic cup for Valentines Day.

Washi Tape Wooden Letter Craft

You can buy these wooden letters from Warehouse Stationery, Spotlight or other crafty stores. Simply cover the letter in wash tape, you could do all one colour like this one, or a striped one would look cool too. This is a little bit fiddly with the curves in the letter so this would be a great activity for older children.

Washi Tape Crowns
I saw these gorgeous crowns on Pinterest but Amelie and Stella wanted to make big crowns that went around their heads so I just gave them a large strip of paper and they taped strips of washi and magic tape to the paper, then they cut out a crown shape at the top and attached a strip of paper at the back to make the crown big enough to go around their head.

Washi Tape Bunting
Amelie (6) and Stella (4) made this washi tape bunting to hang off balloons but in the end it looked cute just hanging by the window. I've found this shape bunting is easier for younger kids to make than the triangle shape.
This greeting card bunting is a good activity for older children as the bunting flags can be a bit fiddly- just tape pieces of washi or magic tape over a piece of string and cut into triangles.

Washi Tape Weaving
And finally Amelie came up with this idea to make washi tape weaving after seeing a tissue box with a weaved pattern on it! I did this washi weaving though as it is another art/craft activity suited to older children as it is a bit of a challenge!

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration- maybe a few activities for the last week of the school holidays. All of the new Scotch® tapes can be found at Warehouse Stationery, and don't forget to to check out the Scotch® facebook page and app 'Make it Amazing' to be in to win an i-pad mini with your own creations!

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Thanks for reading and happy crafting!


Stella said...

So many cute ideas! Love the stickers, and the bandaids, clever!

Notchka said...

Such perfect timing - Lala and I are getting bored with all our usual activities. I know she will love making her own cards and stickers. Thanks for the inspiration!

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