Monday, September 1, 2014

Organised Home 30 day challenge- Day one- Fridge

I'm sharing 30 days of ideas/tips/projects to help organise your home on my Facebook page for the month of September- here is my Day one Challenge- organising your fridge :)

1. Take everything out of your fridge, clean the shelves, inside the doors, and the fruit and veg bins. 
2. Check expiry dates and get rid of anything taking up room in your fridge that doesn't get used e.g.: sauces/dressings
3. Find/buy some plastic containers to store food in so it's better organised in the fridge, easy to see, and easy to unpack into.
4. Make up a container with kids snack foods that's easily accessible to them
5. After reading this blog post I now take all the grapes off the stalks before putting them in a container, I also cut up celery for snacks/lunchboxes and break apart the yoghurts so again it is easy for kids to get  themselves (and make most of their lunch boxes now!)
Last- give the outside of the fridge a clean- wipe the handles, dust the top, and give the front a good wipe down.

Happy organising! 


Ali said...

Oooh I like the sound of this hope you don't mind if I join in x

Everydaythings said...

love these ideas, and am going to do a big fridge clean yay!

Unknown said...

When I saw your blog photo I thought: I recognise that brand of LSA, then The Collective yoghurt, and finally when I saw the Sistema brand plastic-ware I knew you must live in NZ.

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