Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Organised Home Challenge Day Two- Handbag and wallet

My challenge for Day two is to organise your handbag or baby bag, and your wallet- here's my Facebook post with some ideas for decluttering/cleaning and re-organising your bags :)

Today's challenge is an easy one after yesterday's big fridge one-organise your handbag/baby bag and wallet. Empty everything out of your bag and get rid of whatever you don't need, go through your wallet and declutter any receipts/loyalty cards you don't use. Give your bag and wallet a clean with a baby wipe or cleaning wipe (I like the dettol ones). Add anything to your bag that you always get caught out not having e.g: pen, wipes, tissues. If you have a baby bag restock it- you might want to add a sun hat or some sunscreen soon with the warmer weather approaching (beautiful warm day here in Tauranga today!)
Hope you are enjoying my organising posts, our plasterers have turned up today so we are getting one step closer to the end of our reno, better pick some paint colours today!

Link: These bag organisers are great if you like switching between bags iQ Bags

Link: These 'mighty purses' have a built in battery charger so you can charge your phone Hedgerow

Link: There are a few Orla Kiely bags on sale at one of my favourite storeSmall Acorns at the moment… http://www.smallacorns.co.nz/browse?pi_categoryid=10&pi_brandid&ps_search&ps_sort&pi_page=4

Happy organising! Megan


Unknown said...

Well done! Now would you please come and organise my place?

Lauren said...


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