Sunday, March 15, 2015

DIY Personalised Photo Art

If you would like to make your own personalised photo art for your child here's a quick 'how to'- (I'm writing how to do the ones with the writing down the side of the child but as long as your child wears a blank t-shirt you could follow these instructions to do one like Amelie's). These are such a great way of capturing your child's personality at a certain age, and looks fantastic framed and on the wall! These ones are A4 size but you could always do smaller or larger.
1. Take a photo of your child in front of a blank wall-  it doesn't have to be white as you can change the font colour so you can still see the words. You want room on one side of your child to type the words so when you take the photo make sure you have some blank space to the left or right of your child (i.e. don't take the photo with your child in the exact centre).
2. I use a Mac computer so I download my photo into iPhoto - you might like to play around with the exposure to brighten the photo background ( I forgot to do this with Jack's so I'll be reprinting it as the background has come out quite grey even though he was against a white wall).  
3. Now open up the application 'Pages' (or similar word processing application) 
4. Open a new document, add the photo from the 'media' tab onto your page and stretch it to make it as big as the page
5. Choose a font and colour and type the words down one side of your child. I use a separate text box for each sentence so I can play around with the size to fit it next to the photo.
Here are some sentence starters for you...

'who likes'
'who loves'
who plays'
'who needs
'who wants'
'who sings'
'who doesn't like'
'who says'
'who watches'
'who makes'
'who wants'
Any questions please ask, would love to hear if you make one!
Megan x

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Unknown said...

Hi there. I'm really keen to try this, I love the idea! Just wondered how you printed the final document? Is it on photo paper? Did you do it yourself or get it printed somewhere? Mine is in a word document. Thanks :-)

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