Tuesday, September 28, 2010

gifts for girls

Well it has been the most beautiful couple of days here in the sunny BOP - after the equivalent of a year's worth of rain in the last six months it's about time we had some sun! Combined with daylight savings it's been lovely- we've had a morning at the beach, lots of time in the garden, a dinner outside and even got some washing dried on the line for a change! 

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few pics of some cute pressies for little girls I've bought or made lately...
I bought this gorgeous skirt for Miss 3 for christmas from the very clever Sarah from Cotton Kiwi via the Felt Aid shop. She is going to love it as her favourite things at the moment are playing dress ups and dancing (like a lot of 3 year olds girls!)
I made a personalised pillowcase and a toilet bag for a little girl's second birthday.
This is going to be a pencil case for a 6 year old girl- her mum took her to Bernina to choose her own fabric and zip as I didn't have any fabric in her favourite colour!
I couldn't resist buying this cute fairy finger puppet the other day for the girls. I found it at the teacher resource shop in Tauranga which is a really great shop (even for non-teachers!) Heaps of cute little things and reasonably priced too.
Well, here's hoping for another nice day tomorrow!
Megan x


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Hasn't the weather been treating us well! We went to the beach this afternoon and the girls were sooo loving their Mama for that. Can you believe that the weather came right as soon as daylight savings started? Clearly we should start it sooner next year.

Now onto your purchases. I do love anything personalised so that pillowcase is a winner with me, and being red gingham too of course! Love the fairy skirt, a fav of any little girl. I like the teacher res shop here too, great for educational gifts and for playing teachers too.

Cotton Kiwi said...

Thanks Megan. You've taken such a great photo of the fairy skirt. They are so hard to get a decent photo of. Loving your pillow case. I can't wait to give my girls theirs at Christmas. They are going to love them!

Nick said...

We have had the opposite weather, it is all stormy, I think we will have a tropical summer, which I love!
I love your list. You are so good with your sewing projects. Sometimes I am scared to make lists as I think I am setting myself up for failure. Mmmm, but one can't think that way, can one?
Enjoy the weather

Anonymous said...

a lovely selection - aren't the fairy skirts divine!

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