Friday, September 3, 2010

a reversible shoulder bag

My sister Amy put in a request for a shoulder bag for her honeymoon so I found this great tutorial at the fab blog It has really clear instructions with photo's and the pattern too.
I ordered some lovely Echino fabric from for Amy's bag and used some fabric I already had (also from Stitchbird) for my one as I decided that I really needed another bag too (*insert snort from husband here*).
I just used some white cotton duck for the lining for Amy's bag so it's not really reversible (unless she wants a white bag some days!) but the duck was good for making the bag nice and strong.
One thing I found when I made up Amy's bag was that the strap ended up too short so I had to unpick and add a 10cm approx panel to the strap.
So I added a 5 cm approx panel to the pattern when I made up my bag.
It's a great size for a shoulder bag, not too big but big enough for all my day to day stuff. 
I also like the look of this tutorial from Tinyhappy for a shoulder bag with just one strap that you wear across your body which I find great when I'm out and about with the kids.
...And on a completely different tangent, have you seen these in the supermarket? 
I went in there the other day as you do to get just one thing and ended up buying all three of these as well...naughty end of the aisle promotions!!  I have a friend that used to have a bit of an addiction to Squiggle Tops...maybe these will find their way to her mail box soon..
Megan x


Makeminemidcentury said...

This post is just what I have been waiting for ... I have a 'bag' request and this would be perfect.

Thank you!

Cat said...

The bags look great! We must have been thinking the same things because I made a bag this week for my daughter using the same pattern and the same Echino fabric, great minds think alike(lol)!

amber and hilary said...

this looks so easy and fun! I'm excited to try it :) thanks megan! x

Maxabella said...

What a great all-round bag, Megan. I want to make so many things but I can't seem to find the moment to get started. I need to focus on one project and just... begin. Maybe this will be it (or, let's face it, I think I could start with a cushion cover!!!)

Keep those chockies away from me. There is no room for another sweetie addiction in my rather rounded life. x

frangipani said...

They look good...the bags and the mini choccy biscuits. Eat while you sew..

Michelle said...

The bags look fab! I'm sure your sister is going to love it.
Oh and I was eyeing those up at the supermarket this morning, none come home with me today will my will power be as great next time, I doubt it!

Gaijin Wife said...

heeooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll mini bags of yumminess.

And fabulous bags. You just tell hub you can't have too many bags and isn't it lucky you make them and aren't partial to brand names.

Rhiannon said...

Gorgeous bags, love that floral print. Those griffins bites are so good!! I got the mint & the squiggles, YUM!! I'm not a huge fan of toffee pops, but I'll have to try them anyway, even though I know they taste the same as actual toffee pops only smaller.

Anonymous said...

lovely - and lovely fabrics too. I've made that Tiny Happy one too, that's where you find out about the problems with strap lengths! (I don't mean in her pattern). Have a great weekend x

Melinda said...

These bags are so gorgeous I have got to make one for myself. Thanks for the heads up on the short strap - I have used the pattern before but used it for my daughter's ballet bag so made it quite a bit smaller anyway. Can I just ask how much fabric you used for each bag?

Knicky Knacks said...

I love those bags. Just beautiful. The prints are lovely.

carole brungar said...

Ha! Yes I bought all 3 bags of yummychocolate goodness to send to friends overseas, and they each in turn met a very sad fate indeed! LOL

Lovely blog! :))

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