Friday, February 18, 2011

Organised Home Project 4: The Nursery/Getting ready for baby

Well, this week's challenge has been much more successful than last weeks! The nursery is coming along nicely and I've managed to get a few things done in preparation for baby number three. It used to be our spare room but now it's all painted and we've moved the furniture around and I've unpacked most of the baby things. At the moment the room is looking quite plain as I am going to wait to see whether we have a boy or a girl before I start crafting a few things and decorating the room more.
I got all the baby clothes out and sorted them into plastic containers in the drawers. I sorted the clothes into bodysuits, nighties, stretch n grow's and outfits....
...and sorted the hats, socks/booties and bibs into containers in another drawer.
When I was pregnant with Stella I sorted the clothes into neutrals and girl clothes but this time I've just put them all together and will just take out the pink stuff if we have a boy!
I've used one of these hanging wardrobe organiser things for the baby's wraps, blankets, cot linen and muslins.
I've packed the baby bag for the hospital. 2 stretch n grows, 3 bodysuits, a wrap, a cloth nappy, 2 muslins, 2 hats, booties and slippers, a nightie and a woollen cardi. I put a couple of newborn nappies in too but the hospital provides nappies and wipes too I think. Probably far too much stuff, especially as I remember with my other two that we just used the hospital clothes and a cloth nappy for a wrap and barely touched the baby bag but at least there'll be something nice to wear home!
(After packing all this into a bag I left it on the bed...wondered why the girls were being so good and quiet...went in there and the bag contents were all over the floor, the bassinet had a doll baby in it and Stella was having a great time playing with the capsule and the baby carrier. Oh well, kept them quiet for a while!)

I haven't packed my hospital bag yet but I found this great checklist from OhBaby. Again, I remember not using even half of what I packed the other two times but at least I have a fair idea of what I'll use this time!
I've got a few baby toys out including these cute velcro balls from Clare at Greenvalley Crafts...
and I bought this lovely baby book the other day.
I've still got a few things to do but at least the big stuff is done now. I'm on the look out for another box frame so I can make a memory box like the ones I made for the girls when they were born.  I used their wrist band and bassinet label from the hospital, some cards they were given, newspaper birth notice, some ribbons from gifts, a little bootie and a few photo's.
and I'll also buy another box file to put things for the baby like their birth certificate, IRD and kiwisaver stuff,  bank statements, warranties for any baby stuff purchased etc.
I can't wait to get into crafting a few things for the baby. I've made a bit of a list of some of the things I would like to make (some are linked to some great tutorials I've come across)
baby ball
* baby quilt
*playmat/baby blanket
*nursery bedding
*crochet or knitted baby hat
*applique baby bodysuit
* baby bibs
* taggie toy
*oil cloth change mat

So there you go! Do you have any tips or hints for organising your baby's room, things that were really handy in hospital or in the first few weeks at home, more baby craft ideas or just general tips and ideas for newborns? If you leave a comment letting us know any of these things (or anything else you'd like to comment on!) you'll be in the draw to win this week's prize- a mousehouse waterproof nappy wallet- it's a great size for your handbag to keep some wipes, a couple of nappies, bib, cream etc. It's also good for a toddler bag to keep a change of clothes, a few snacks and some wipes.
The Linky tools seems to require a subscription now so if you have done any organising this week or linked up to my challenge please leave a comment with the URL of your post so we can all read it- you'll be in the draw too of course!
Next week's wardrobe...maybe yours is in need of a bit of a sort out too? Mine sure is!
Happy organising :)
Megan x


Notchka said...

Lovely photos and I had to laugh that the girls unpacked your bag and made good use of the bassinet! I don't really have any tips for the babybag - other than we used the hospitals things and just had a nice outfit for going home in. My feet did swell up to elephant proportions though, so much so that my slippers wouldnt fit (ballet style) and the hospital wouldn't allow me to go around in bare feet so Huz had to go buy me some slides. I'll make sure I have slide style slippers for next time.

Also I packed myself a book for hospital last time?!! hahaha I actually thought I would be bored and want to read.

Here is my little bit of a project for this week.

Anonymous said...

Your nursery looks beautiful..I can't believe how organised you are :)

Seaside Siblings said...

It looks amazing! Your post is making me feel all clucky again!

I posted this one last week but did not get back to link up

meg said...

Oh how lovely. We never had a real nursery with a bassinet as bubs slept in our room for the first wee while and we never got a change table either. It looks gorgeous and peaceful in there.

If you don't already read Sew Liberated (a lovely lovely blog) she had a post all about mobiles this week, and links to some ideas too.

tartankiwi said...

Ok, so now I officially feel guilty! Our wee boy is 2 months old today (YAY!) and his nursery isn't nearly as far along as yours *goes and runs away in shame!* I think its time for me to get moving!!! (although in my defence the room was being used as a guest room until Wednesday!) Now what colour of paint will we use...?

Bridgid said...

Aaaah - I so wish I had read this post before my first trip to the maternity ward last November! I recommend one of those eye masks that you can chill in the fridge and a huge stash of snacks. Enjoy the baby countdown ... how exciting!

Carey Morris said...

We had a lovely nursery for my second son and he hasn't used it all and he is now four! He co sleeps with me and his room is the playroom it seems!
Pack some panadol for the hospital bag, the nurses can get busy and it can be hard to get it in my experience. In between babies my hospital stopped supplying nappies and clothing so keep those in your bag too. Don't forget the camera, spare batteries, cellphone and charger! A nice nightie for those first few baby shots, I still cringe when I look back and see the unlovely hospital gown I was wearing!

gretbert said...

Wow it looks great - love it when the nesting kicks in!

I like having those Nivea wipes in hospital (face moisturising or cleansing or something!), an easy way to freshen up. Also black pyjama pants so you can look like you have got dressed, but you haven't really...

I love your box frames, I have been looking for some to put some newborn cardigans in.

Aims said...

Oh I love the peggy square blanket!

Can't wait to meet the little one. Newborn cuddles! YAYAYAY!

Leonie said...

wow, you are so organised!! the baby's room looks lovely.
So cute about playing with the bassinet etc.
I agree with a previous comment, pack something nice to wear for the photos in hospital.. I still cringe when I see the photos of me with my eldest in a totally unflattering blue hospital sack

Libby said...

You are so organized! My baby's nursery isn't done and I don't think I'll ever get to make a really nice one. Unless one of the kids let me decorate my grandkid's nursery (hehe my baby is 21yrs)

As for tips...use a deodorant puck or whatever you have there for the diaper pail. And they work for either disposables or cloth diapers. They WORK soooooo great. I wish I used them for my first 3 kiddos. For #4 I had a diaper service and they supplied them.

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to start organising my nursery. My new bub will have to share with his/her 1 year old brother but will sleep in me for starters.

Anonymous said...

I want to be a baby in your house! Beautiful.

Jasmine said...

The nursery is looking good, My lifesaver was.... I had a basket with things like nappies, wipes, creams, powder, tissues, a spare bodysuit and socks and things like that in it, and it was always in the lounge ready for when I needed it rather than having to run all over the house to collect all the different things that I needed. :-)

Jen said...

Well done you - it looks great and oh so organised! I got organised this week but for someone elses baby - does that count?
Sorry I don't have any suggestions for what to take to hospital - 1st baby was a rush job to hospital & I was in no fit state to pack anything and only stayed a few hours anyway. 2nd bubba didn't see hospital at all. I can definitely recommend spare batteries for camera though!

Unknown said...

I don't have any kids yet (work in progress!), so no tip or hints, but just wanted to say how lovely your nursery is and that you seem so organised with everything! I love the shadow memory frames with your childrens things in, it's such a lovely idea! :) x

Sarah said...

I just love those Memory box frames.
Think that will be going onto my project list.

Anonymous said...

You are just fabulous! The baby room looks wonderful, the colour is just gorgeous. You could quite possibly be an organising guru when it comes to all those wee sorted containers. Love love love those frames with baby memories, what a clever idea. Have a great weekend x

Dee said...

sigh, it looks so dreamy :)
here's mine...i did the veg garden this week :) (i'm so embarrassed to show the 'before' pics!)

clare said...

Oh thanks Megan!
Sounds to me like you are pretty organised for the new babe!
I like to take a nice cardi to the hospital, to go with the yoga pants and singlet, just makes you feel a little more dressed when people pop in to visit. My mum was a saviour last time too and came with a big plate of hummus, crackers and vege sticks and some homemade biscuits! Yummo! The hospital food just wasn't doing it for me ;)

Photography said...

This baby's off for a good start!! Love the nursery. Inlinkz have a free linky if you want to try that. Love the giveaway too :-)

Hannah said...

Hi Megan:

I stumbled upon you and your adventures very recently and am so stoked I did. You have such a divine aesthetic and great ideas, and are definitely an inspiration to those like myself new to blogging, returning to crafting, and entrenched in mothering. I too have three and you will find as I do, those moments of time to create, or blog, or even breathe out (!), not to mention organise ones life/home are often elusive, but even more important.It is lovely to know there is a community of like minded souls out there dancing the same juggle searching for grace. I expect you will do it all so well as you already do. I am very motivated to join your organised home round am in the process of writing my list. Your nursery looks divine.
Best wishes,

Hannah (

Rosie said...

Looks awesome, Megan. I don't have any organising tips for babies room - I'm pretty sure I pinched all your great ideas when i was setting up our first baby room!! For the hospital bag - probably really obvious - but they sell those travel, mini-sized shampoos, bodywash etc in little packs in the supermarket now. Also... food! You know what hospital meals are like and breast feeding is hungry work!

spectacularfairywren said...

you are so much more NICELY organised than i was - make that AM! My pre-baby nursery roundup involved a fair whack of ikea and post its...

Love a little satchel - red and white my signature colours (must admit a stripe is more up my alleyways).

My disorganisation led to this during last week: picked up husband at his office on way out of the city, he suggested take the baby up to meet the gang - I refused as Bern was wearing a growsuit for a nappy after 3 explosions during 1 outing... woops.

I admire you.


Mika said...

Did you get your shadow picture frame from The Warehouse? That is where I got my white frame (size of scrapbook paper), if you are looking for one.

Kylie said...

Well done to being organised.
One thing that I did was cook up a few meals and freeze them - these came in handy when I got home andjust had a bad day and could not be bothered fixing a meal:) Mum also bought me a slow cooker when I had Amelia and it has been great even now it gets used lots.

Love that the girls unpacked your bag - helpful soles:)

Wipes at home, I used white flannels (similar to these here: ) Saved me a small fortune and were nice on my little ones bottoms.

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