Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Washi Tape Dollshouse

At the end of last year I took home a dollhouse from a teacher's classroom at my daughters school, planning on doing a quick reno on it for her. Here are some before shots...

I got the kids doing a bit of sanding and then painted the whole thing white.
Then on the last weekend of the school holidays I realised I better quickly get it finished! I used scrapbooking card to wallpaper the top rooms, and then just painted the bottom floors back walls. Then I had the brainwave to use the new Scotch® Washi and Magic Tapes to tape the floors (I especially love the blue patterned magic tape that I think looks like a mediterranean tiled floor and the black and white chevron washi tape floor which I can just imagine on some stylish New York loft apartment)
As I was taping the floors I was checking facebook for something and up came this photo from the Small Acorns facebook page of a dollshouse made out of cardboxes and decorated with pictures from magazines.  Can't believe I hadn't thought of doing this before as I was thinking the dollshouse was going to be a bit sad without any furniture! So I got my stash of Your Home and Garden magazines out (so glad I hadn't got rid of them when we moved) and had heaps of fun going through them for pictures  that would work for each room. 
My favourite pictures are the bookcases as they really look 3D on the walls of the dollhouse, and I love the couches in the lounge too. Some things are a little bit out of proportion and the upstairs especially is quite random but all in all it looks pretty cool and costs a lot less than my previous dollhouse!!

Here are some more pics...I used modpodge to stick them all to the walls, and then a layer of modpodge over all the walls and floors to seal them.

I was finding it hard to find a kitchen that would fit under the window and then I spotted this cute kitchen by Emily Henderson that LeeAnn Yare shared on her facebook page so I printed it out- easy!
I found out that the lovely painting I cut out for this bedroom is from the home of Hayley who runs The Art Room Limited- she spotted it when I shared a few pics on my facebook page! 

It was pretty fiddly cutting out this bunting but a lot quicker than making my own still! The mini art works on the left and right were from an ad for wallpapers in one of the magazines.
The arrow light is from Alex Fultons home 

I thought of Miss Molly Coddle when I cut out the turquoise peacock chair for the kitchen :)

So if you are wanting to do a dollshouse reno this is a great option- you could even washi or magic tape the walls- a lot easier and quicker than paint or wallpapering! (and if you want to change it it's really easy to remove the tape). This would be a great activity to do with kids too, just give them a shoe box and let them decorate it! 

 PS: This is the last week of the Scotch® Back to School "Make it Amazing" Promotion so if you've made anything with the new Scotch® tapes upload a pic on the Scotch® facebook page here and you'll be in to win an i-pad mini- there are prizes just for voting as well. I've got one more blog post to publish 'Using Washi Tape at Home" so look out for that :)

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MissMollyCoddle said...

Love it! Thought I might spot me and the kids just hanging out in your dollhouse, haha... I've brought all my mags with me too, heavier than alot of my furniture pieces! Was eyeing up an old cane chair of my mother in laws at the weekend, would look great in a vibrant colour :)

Leonie said...

Seriously AMAZING!!!!

Dani @ The Domestic Darling said...

So nice of you to decorate the dolls house for your little ones teacher. I love your dolls house makeovers so clever and totally cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Katie said...

Love this - the idea of cutting out the furniture pictures and sticking them to the walls is AWESOME!

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